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Catch The World Premiere of 'Female Games' at Sinema Old School on 22nd Jul 8pm.

fg_posters17.jpg  Catch the world premiere of  Female Games at Sinema Old School this July!Our Talkback Series will take place on Wednesday, 22nd of July 2009  at 8.00pm.Our guest panelists include the cast of Female Games - Evelyn Maria Ng, Shen Qiaoyun and Fish Chaar.Tickets for the screening inclusive of talkback are $15* each. Read more about Female Games  here .  Early Bird Discount: Book your tickets before  Saturday, 18th of July 2009, 10pm*  to enjoy  $2 off each ticket!Female Gamesfg_posters17.jpg Female Games (R21)2009 | Drama | Singapore | English | 70 min | $8Director: Kan LumeCast: Evelyn Maria Ng, Shen Qiaoyun, Fish Chaar, Dean KuanFemale Games is the first contemporary Singaporean film to portray female homosexuality, and also makes an exploration into other issues pertinent to women such as their self image and gendered roles. The film focuses on the relationship of two Singaporean female models, Alexia and Sandy, who travel to Kuala Lumpur to relax and find work from a casting agent. The tension that underlies their friendship emerges when jealousy gets the better of them both, and they turn enemies. Inspired by the insecurity that women possess to check who is better when they walk past each other, Kan obtained the themes of this film.July 17, 2009  - 7:45 pm

July 23, 2009  - 2:30 pm 9:30 pm

July 24, 2009  - 8:00 pm

July 25, 2009  - 6:15 pm 9:30 pm

July 29, 2009  - 6:00 pm

July 30, 2009  - 9:30 pm

July 31, 2009  - 2:30 pm 9:30 pm

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