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Evelyne Macko麦桂莲

Blog: Saturday, Jun 25

Video: These are the links to my professional videos / 我的电影与广告视频\_=fn\_al\_nm\_1

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  • blog body -"It's not because it's inaccessible that you don't dare, it's because you don't dare that it becomes inaccessible..."           

"不是因为达不到而不胆敢, 而是因为不胆敢而达不到..." 

"Ce n'est pas parce que c'est inaccessible qu'on n'ose pas, mais parce qu'on n'ose pas que ça devient inaccessible..."

What's yours? 你的呢? Quelle est la vôtre?

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Evelyne Macko麦桂莲

Actor , Model


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