Siew Chyn Cheng
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talk, watch TV, read, walk, sleep

      Dear everyone, hi! I think talking, watching TV, reading, working, walking, sleeping and using the computer are all good things.  I think it is good to sleep too.  I think doing housework is good, and working outside is good too.  Working outside gets you an income salary every month but it is tough and you have to wake up early every morning and reach the workplace punctually.  And they expect you to work quickly and accurately at the same time, and they often rush you.  So it is quite impossible to work outside but doing housework doesn't earn an income right?  or does doing housework earn an income?  I shall try doing housework.  Previously I went to school for 17 years, the time then was shorter, everyday was shorter than now, and I talked with my grandmother and watched TV too.  The only housework I did then was mopping the floor once in 7 days.  Then after I left school I went to give tuition outside and earned an income from giving tuition.  Then I worked as a sales assistant at 2 places for a short while and finally I worked in Hazel Florist and Gifts Pte Ltd for 1 and a half years as a admin assistant.  Then I quitted and now I haven't been working for 3 years already.  These 3 years I did more housework and worked outside at Simei Care Centre for short periods.  At home, I mopped the floor once in 7 days ( 1 week once) and I cleaned the windows and doors 3 or 4 times one year or 3 or 4 times in 365 days.  Now I mop the floor once in 2 or 3 days and clean the windows and doors once in 2 weeks or once in one month.  I shall do more housework and see if I can get my money, or bank passbook or credit card from my mother.  I believe she has my money.  I hope people can walk too so that they can be the bankers and help me do some things.  I hope the banks can give to us our money and bank passbooks.  I hope I am not the only banker but there are other people in the bank and they know they should give us back our bank accounts and our money and credit cards and properties and our keys and our shopping malls and houses etc.  I hope the banks can give us back our money and houses and shopping malls etc.  Hope I and everyone gets our money back.  Did my mother keep my bank pass books?  Who took my money?  Did I send people to work outside?  Did I send people to work in hospitals, schools, shopping malls, etc?  I think the shopping malls are mine.  Who puts the bosses there?  Those who cook may have restaurants outside.  I don't cook but I hope to do more housework and cook a little bit.  However my mother doesn't like what i cook and doesn't eat it.  I think I have money because I talk nicely and I watch TV, and I read, and I walk.  I walk.  

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September 14, 2009