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What I do, and like to do and did

         Dear everyone, hi!  I am worried that if we pray, we will fall asleep and will wake up only some time in the future.  But my time is pretty fast.  I don't pray much but recently I pray more and bai shen more too.  I bai shen to wake up but I know if I pray, it will make me sleep.  I don't know when that will be inactivated and whether if everyone is the same or we sleep and wake up according to ourselves or will praying to sleep be inactivated together for everyone.  I don't know if I was awake or if I was sleeping but I think they say sleeping makes the land big and beautiful.  I don't know where I will be going but my dad lives in Vienna or North Pole's Vienna and I am highly educated and I can work well so I am geographically mobile too without having to depend on my father.  I hope the world can have more grass, trees, green fields, grassland etc.  I hope the world can have more vegetation and grass.  I hope there are 4 seasons in the North and that it will snow in the winters.  I cleaned the windows and doors and hanged the laundry already today.  But I don't cook, my mother cooks instead. Tomorrow I shall mop the floor, normally I mop the floor once in 2 or 3 days.  Previously I mopped the floor once in 7 days.  I have worked outside before as a home tutor, sales assistant and administration assistant.  I have some money in my CPF and don't forget tuition doesn't earn CPF.  I hope to study programming next January and go to work next June.  I don't hope to sleep for too long but I think praying makes you sleep and makes you go Northwest.  I like to read, does reading make one sleep?  I like to read Enid Blyton's story books.  I like to wash my house more frequently and hopes to cook a bit before going to work outside.  I need to bring in more money, an income.  But I think cooking at home is easy and important.  So I have to really think about my plans to study and work outside.  But if my dad finds that I am just a housekeeper, he will refuse to let me migrate.  I suspect I have to go Northwest.  I think I can work.  But people say cooking earns you a restaurant.  They say cooking is important.  I walk and pray too.  Probably I will push back my plans to study and work but wash the house now and cook now.  Hope my mother does not interfere with my cooking.  She doesn't eat what I cook, she says.  Probably it's time to bai shen too.  But will it affect the architecture of the west.  Bai shen to keep awake.  I have bai before, probably my body won't be sent too far Northwest.  

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September 14, 2009