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Matthew Low

                  Dear everyone, I have been going to Woodbridge Hospital acute ward then now Rehab ward.  I walk and talk there.  I have made a male friend Matthew Low in the Rehab Ward 20A.  He doesn't look good at first but he is very nice.  Now that he has walked, he looks very handsome and has grown taller.  He says long distanced that he is the Changi Airport MRT white man.  I had said to the Changi Airport MRT white man "did you wash your head".  I don't know if that man has flown North?  or is he still here?  He looks good.  and Matthew says he is him.  that means I have grown taller and fairer.  Is Matthew Low that Changi Airport MRT white man?  Is Alfred Oh Guo Zheng a real person, was he with me?  They say the Hong Kong men have matched to the Hong Kong women according to birth and they say they are born big.  Did I lose my body when I was young?  Did I go to Samsara?  Were the whites babies?   I talked a lot with Matthew Low in Woodbridge Hospital, it is good to talk and share knowledge, but he seems to know many actors, actresses and singers too.  He says he is alone in North Pole.  So which is the truth?  

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