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labor's day

Tomorrow is labor's day. I have not updated my blog for a long time . It is a time to write something on it. In truth word, i don't know write what.  whatever media always play programme for 2008 Olympics all the time, so tv isn't attractive for me.  According to government released that labor's day have 3 days holidays off, everyone could enjoy 3 days holidays.  No idea for this holiday.  I want to stay at home only. It's a very strange that  i've been expected holiday  coming soon when it is on workday.  Now holiday come, but i have not good plan for holiday.  oh,  human always in inconstancy mood like character trait of chinese novel " weichen". Under this state, you need to balance your  focus point of your life. Attitude is very important for live, business, and family.  Every thing must be happy  in positive aspect. Adjustment yourself  should be the best way to face the future life.  Maybe tomorrow will have something or picture to put out.  wait me later blog.

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