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A Review Of Whey Protein And Casein

Most of the bodybuilding diet plans require the usage of high quality protein powders.

Proteins are easy and quick to consume in powdered form and they help in achieving the daily protein requirement quickly.

Among all the protein powders, whey protein powder and casein protein powder are the most often used sources.

The question is, which one is more preferable for general muscle growth and recovery: whey protein or casein protein?

This article discusses the issue of whey vs. casein.

I have seen a lot of misunderstandings regarding the whey vs. casein matter. One of the most common advices that you will find is based on the absorption rate of these two proteins.

In general, people say the whey digests and absorbs in your body at a faster rate than casein does.

For this reason, most of the people will suggest you to use whey at times when a quick acting source of protein is required (such as the first thing in the morning and after training) and to use casein when slow absorbing protein is required (for example before going to bed).

The idea is that because casein protein assimilates gradually in the body so it keeps the body in an anabolic state for longer time periods because it produces extended stream of amino acids.

When you see this idea, it strikes you as a rather reasonable principle to decide between whey vs. casein. But, this idea is utterly wrong.

Why? It’s because almost all protein sources are digested and absorbed at a rather slow rate.

For instance, the protein from cooked egg is assimilated at a rate of 3 grams per hour. So lets say that you consumed 21 grams of protein as egg white. It would need nearly 7 hours for the protein to fully digest and absorb in your body.

What about the absorption rates of whey vs. casein?

The research which has been conducted about the speed of absorption of these two proteins suggests that casein assimilates at a rate of 6 grams an hour and whey protein absorbs at a speed of 8 grams an hour.

The rate of absorption of any individual protein source does not seriously make a difference so as long as you have a diet that has 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight from different sources.

You don't have to worry about your muscle growth and recovery since a stream of amino acids is constantly released in the body. Even if the improbable event occurs that your body runs out of proteins, you will still not have any harm or significant effect on your health.

When looking at the issue of whey vs. casein, the only valid thing to consider is the fundamental quality of each source. If we look at the quality then whey is the winner in the issue of whey vs. casein.

There are numerous advantages of taking whey such as it provides the most valuable amino acids required to power protein synthesis. It also has a fantastic flavor as compared with other protein powders and there are many different options for making smoothies and protein based meals with whey.

Whey is definitely the more sensible choice that can help you in increasing the training results and building muscles quickly.

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September 11, 2012