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10 Good Reasons to Drink!

The Holiday season.  A month booked solid of dinner parties, cocktail parties, hoilday parties filled with happy food and endless glasses of fancy drinks.  Every night, as I dance around deliriously tipsy, and every morning, when I wake up with a heavy head, I remember this delightful article that I stumbled upon a couple of weeks back.

I would like to share it with all of you...

So do something healthy for yourself...And don't forget to put the number of a limo or cab company in your phone..just in case. 

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A Very Happy Birthday!

Thank you for all the well wishes on my birthday from my friends and kind strangers.  It was a spectacular one.  There was breakfast in bed, beautiful flowers at my door step, an adventurous dinner, cocktails, champagne, breathe taking gifts, Cockrock, Sprinkles cupcakes (splurge - they are well worth it!), loot from the Hustler store, and most importantly my friends.  If like attracts like, and one can be judged by the friends one has, then I must be an incredible person, for I was surrounded by the warmest, kindest, most generous, sincere, and generally wonderful people, all of whom I am proud to call friends. We ended the night at Metal Skool, where I always like to go on my birthdays, to relive in the silliest way, my youth.  Metal Skool reminds me of a time when I was young and invincible, with no responsibilities or accountabilities, the world with it's infinite possibilities lies ahead.   Although there were many other things in my life other than hair metal, I have to admit, it was the most fun.   I share those good feelings with my friends, and begrudging, my husband.

My thanks to my ever adoring and indulging husband for making this night happen.  Here's a clip of our party...Enjoy...


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Interview With Etty Farrell (from

Interview With Etty Farrell

25 March, 2007

With the Satellite Party debut release less than two months away I had the pleasure of asking Etty Farrell a few questions. Etty was nice enough to pass on some info on the first single "Wish Upon A Dogstar".

Etty: Here's the answer to one of your potential questions:

SP's first single "Wish Upon a Dogstar" shipped friday electronically!

Mike: When you say the first single shipped electronically Friday do you mean it's available at itunes and the like right now? I just checked itunes and couldn't find it.

Etty: No. What that means it's that the single was shipped out to radio, that "Wish Upon A Dogstar" has been officially released! It will not appear on Itunes for a couple of weeks.

Mike: When can we expect to see a proper SP tour?

Etty: At the moment, we are putting together a European Festivals/ Pubs tour for June and July, with a US tour to follow in the fall.

Mike: Will SP play at this years Lollapalooza?

Etty: Yes. We are looking at a tentative Friday night time slot. The Lolla Grid is coming together and should be finalized in the next few weeks.

Mike: What does the album artwork look like and what was Perry's involvement?

Etty: Like an outerspace Satellite Party, of course! Perry is finishing it up this weekend. He has been working on it for quite sometime. He will not let anyone else do it, or really help him with it, so it has taken a long time him to finish. He gets frustrated sometimes, as he has so many other business, music and art to attend to. He would joke that gone are the days when he could just do drugs and work on nothing but art all day.

Mike: When SP first started Perry spoke of making it into a theatrical type event.

What's going on with those plans?

Will there be a play?

Etty: It is a dream that he has not budged on yet. However, after much consideration and really hard and passionate convincing from yours truly, along with sound advice from his management and record label, he finally agreed that at this point Perry should get out and do what Perry does best, and that is to put on a great show and be a great frontman. After what we hope to be a LONG tour (it is our dream that SP can stay on the road for at least 18 months), we will revisit the Theatrical event again. But you never know what can transpire in 18 months!

Mike: What's going on with the web site?

Etty: It should be up within the next couple of weeks. We finally brought in this amazing web designer, whom incidentally did the Jane's site, so we should all see something new very soon.

Mike: Perry's birthday is latter this week (March 29th).

Please pass along birthday wishes to him from me. Smile

How will Satellite Party celebrate it? Anything planned?

Etty: We will be shooting our first Video!!! Perry specifically requested that the video be scheduled to shoot on his birthday. He wants to work on his music and his art on his very special day.

Mike: What will you be giving him for his special day?

Etty: That will be between him and I.

Thanks go out to Etty for taking the time to make this possible.

I hope you're feeling better. :)

Perry and Etty performing at Stubb's during the recent SXSW Satellite Party show.

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