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poker night

we played some poker again last night:

We did it at the SmellyDoubt-domestic partnership chalet on Caine Road.

We did two games, both were pretty quick... and the force was with me so i came in 2nd in the first game and won the 2nd game.  score!

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FEM in SF...

I want to make sure all my SF buddies know that the Far East Movement, one of the featured artists here on Alivenotdead.com is doing a show in SF next week:

(click to zoom)

more info at: http://www.synergysf.com/main.html

they did a show out here in HK a month or two ago, they actually were surprisingly good (a...Read more

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Algorithm March...

Watch this....

And then Watch this...(just jump to like 60-70% mark)

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My Shu Qi is a gangster...

When i was in Korea last december I saw a lot of posters for My Wife is a Gangster 3 at stores,  the DVD had just come out.  Chinese/HK film star Shu Qi (Hsu Chi) is in this one.

Many of you may remember how disappointed I was with 'My Wife is a Gangster 2', which featured a 30 second appearence by Zhang Ziyi in the final 30 second cliffhanger finale of the film.  Apparently Zhang Ziyi ...Read more

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Pat and I went to see the HK Ballet's performance of The Merry Widow this afternoon down in TST.  

This is my 3rd or 4th ballet to attend since coming to HK, and I think I enjoyed this one the most so far.   Particularly I thought they did a pretty good job with the costumes and sets.  I snuck a picture during the curtain call:

Read more

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Mongkok, etc...

Tonight i went down to Mongkok to pick up a phone for Beaver.  At the cell phone mall, i had to stop and take a picture of this shop's sign:

T0fu Dick's Shop...    its a name AND an insult!

The shop i bought my p990 was closed, so i had to hunt around to find another one that looked trustworthy and had a decent price.  He wanted a Treo 700, but no shop seems to carry that one,  it was eithe...Read more

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Fanling to M0S

I just got home a few minutes ago and took a shower.  After work I went to the station and took the train up to Fanling (thats two stops short of the border with China (Shenzhen).  My bike was waiting for me there and ready for a good healthy 12 mile (20km) ride home.

Last Saturday I rode from my house to Taipo station and left my bike there over night,  on Sunday I rode to Fanling (figuring out how to get there was the hardest part, i went down a lot of wrong roads!)    My legs were too sore to do the ride last night, so I waited til ...Read more

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A new form of Crack...

I have discovered a new form of crack...

its name is 'Internet Connected head-to-head Tetris on the Nintendo DS'...


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Etchy's small screen debut...

I found this video on Youtube, its a nice recap of the 2nd night of Paul Wong's Let's Fight Live:

the interesting part comes at around the 2:10 mark (~1:10 left on the video).  If you look in the background during the interview, you'll see Etchy(wearing shorts and black shirt), rottendoubt (wearing obscene t-shirt) and Elo370(wearing red shirt).  Score!

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Let's Fight - Night 2

 I took a bunch MORE pictures and some video at tonight's Let's Fight Event Day 2!  ( Day 1 pictures and video here)

This time I came late and missed the first several bands! (sorry Qiu Hong!)

Here's my video of Night 2:

And here's my still photos( click here if you don't see the pictures already):

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