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Sprite Fibre + - China Edition - Taste Test and Review - Obscure Cola: https://t.co/PzAJyuZ8az via @YouTube

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How not to eat #udon #hownottoeat #ハーフベビー #混血兒 #mixedbabies #混血宝宝 #mixedkids #ハーフキッズ #ハーフ #混血 #babieseating #babyboy #mixedbabies

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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/VJ2F0KYR1n Pepsi Blue China / Indonesia Edition

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Trying Pepsi Blue while in China. https://t.co/VJ2F0KYR1n

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Who decided to take down the billboard on a #T3 day?! #billboard #iphonexad #hkbillboard #hongkong

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fatherhood #manspreading andyonimal straightblast5 https://t.co/FYvhjr9Fgg

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fatherhood #manspreading @andyonimal @straightblast5

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I was really surprised! Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate my birthday. Thanks to my wife for all the planning! @jesscambensy @andyonimal @straightblast5 @kingarammmmm @kimmanw @drafus @pjreznik @rexsslau @yss_kami @whitebison66 @renewai @desmondso @daphinator @thestayup @candaceysabella @chungdha

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From the broken clock is right twice a day department - this is long overdue:

US will push China to let firms hold majority stakes, says Kudlow

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Moving day!

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