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Wedding Dinner in China this November

Yo yo yo!!

It's been some time already. I was so stressed up and busy chasing after the Lanxess/Siemens project and D-Day is tomorrow. All I can say is that I've done all I can and just in case, if I should lose the project, then seriously....It's too BAD!!

Anyway, Lisa and I will be heading back to China to hold our wedding dinner. First stop will be GuangZhou, then to Xiamen to visit Uncle John (My grand uncle's son), then to Lisa's hometown for the Big Day.

I was thinking of...Read more

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The Gigaworks T3

Oh man....What the heck is happening to me nowadays? First the mouse....then the keyboard...then now...The finally awaited high end 2.1 speaker set from Creative. It's the Gigaworks T3. This speaker packs a damn good punch for the bass....with very high grade driver for it's satellite...

The previous speaker from Altec Lansing ...Read more

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And then...A gaming keyboard, the Razer Lycosa!!!!

Wow man...Just got a great deal from the forum..The razer lycosa was sold to me at $65, which originally retails at $119...Well, I mean it's second hand, but who cares? The condition is great except for some...hmmm...funny funny stains left behind by the seller...I cleaned it all off using the alcohol solution and it looks as good as new now...Wow!!!

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Ahh..Germany! Who switched on the aircon?

Hello people!

Ya...I arrived in Germany on Sunday morning...Well, it wasn't really a smooth trip, considering the trouble faced in Changi Airport and Frankfurt airport. I don't what the hell is wrong with the booking of the flight, but at both location, I am constantly informed by the check in staff that my flght is cancelled..I won't go into details on that, but I am definitely going to do something about the service attitude from the SIA ticketing agent.

Ok...let's move on to some li...Read more

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Flight confirmed!!!

After a week of "ding dong", having no confirmation of whether the training will still proceed in Germany, it's finally confirmed.

I will be flying off tonight, or should say tomorrow morning at 2.30am to Frankfurt first, then to Hanover....

Ok man....so...it's going to be 2 weeks away from home...I've been told that the food is terrible...it's a boring place...everything else there is expensive....even a meal can cost me like $15.00 at least? Phew.....Anyway...whatever is the case, just need to e...Read more

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Flight Cancellation to Frankfurt (Germany)

Hallo hallo....

Due to the volcanic ashes, flying all over Europe, which started from Iceland, my flight to Germany (17th April 2010) is cancelled until further notice.

And so...am I happy that this unexpected event happen? Hmm...I don't really know what to say, part of me feels happy, but part of me also feels unhappy...Why? Because I can have at least an extra day to spend with Lisa...on the other hand, a lot of planning has gone haywired....the troublesome part is booking another flight....Read more

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Finally..A proper gaming mouse, the Razer DeathAdder

Yo people...I've been using cheapskate gaming mouse and have never used a "professional" gaming mouse before. And so...finally I got myself the Razer DeathAdder, which I wanted to get it about 2 years ago.

Well, just a little review about this mouse. The teflon feet is really smooth, al...Read more

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Overseas business trips...

Yo yo yo,

It's going to be a very busy month from March till May....First stop will be Indonesia, Jakarta from the 17th to 19th...Then off to Bangkok from the 24th to 26th...The following month in April, it will be 17th April till 6th May in Germany...

I used to dream about having a job that travels to overseas...now that I got it, it seems strange...I mean the feeling...of leaving home so often, that I can hardly and really spend more time with my home and family. Well, as the saying goes, " Be careful of ...Read more

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Company of Heroes ...Multiplayers

Hi guys!

As you know, I have the whole week off for the Lunar New Year and other then visiting relatives, I am happily whacking on this game called Company of Heroes with my brother, Edison. We usually played till....I think it's like almost 5am in the morning and needless to say, I can only wake up in the afternoon...haha

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Singapore Drivers/Motorcyclists

Hi people...It's been a while...Been busy chasing for sales...project sales...Company's new direction to have a power start for this year...

Well...Ever since the start of the new year 2010...Every bladdy day...whether it be in the morning while driving to work...or during the day for my usual customer visits...The expressway is laden with accidents...Tonnes of it...It makes me wonder, where did all these lousy drivers come from? causing unnecessary traffic jams EVERYDAY on the PIE!!!!

Just last Friday....Read more

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