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Reyes art

If you read the GR 52 interview, you'll have read a bit about the fact that Albert Reyes paints homage to artists that he likes. Of course, he can't match wits with McGee, but his Neckface is decent. Some people give him shit for it, so he no longer puts them into his shows. He paints them just for his own walls since he can't afford the real versions.

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Mr James Jarvis

I met Mr James Jarvis recently. He's sort of a personal hero to me. When I think about why, I'm not quite sure. Is it because of the $60-$70 Silas shirts I used to admire? The Daikanyama Silas shop that was too cool? When I thought about Silas, the brand, James Jarvis always came to mind, and it's great hear the back story, and the current story about what he's d...Read more

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David Choe London Lazarides Gallery

David Choe London Lazarides Gallery. Amazing show, and all that. It's not like a ton of people came on a thursday, but in the end, the right ones did for sure. A lot of red dots by the end of the night, and at record type prices. Yeah Bansky was there, no you can't see a photo of him. I did a little "what up and congrats" to David on vide...Read more

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