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3af and the ride back

I spoke in a room just like this. Actually it was this one... a ton of folks, sitting at round tables, and I was actually interviewed one on one. It's not supposed to be creative... I hope people understood it all. I know many specialize in the foreign language market, as in ads that go into let's say a Vietnamese newspaper. Do they understand the world of Giant...Read more

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Fortune cookies

Killing of a Chinese cookie. The documentary is out in select places, mostly in the Asian American film festival circuit. Derek Shimoda is a funny dude, and he interviewed me a while ago for it. I didn't feel like I knew much at all about it, but lo and behold I must have said funny things since I was complimented a lot on it. I hope it does well.

Check out th...Read more

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McGee Rojas

The machine keeps rolling with Barry McGee and Clare Rojas, but throw in Pettibon, and it's going to be great. Jon Roach and Dan Nguyen... good luck. I don't know your work,

but what's there will be tough to beat. This is at Riverside Museum Beginning March 30 where you can see Clare turn into Peggy Honeywell... It'll be a hot ticket.<...Read more

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Pop culture slots

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Yes, I'm on my way to Vega$ to do a talk. It's been a while since I've been there, but this should be neat. I've only heard stories via David Choe as to what happens there. And I guess yes, things do stay there, and only rumors make it out at best. We'll see what happens. Will I gamble? Last time I did I won $100 in quarters.

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Young Dong / Explosions in the Sky

Yung Dong restaurant serves a slow cooked beef soup. As Jonathan Gold said, "pho is the best one" but this one is pretty good too. The name alone elicits great laughs, so it was a must try. The deal is, it's a Korean soup spot and the waitress walks up and says something like "first time?" We answer yes, and it's practically a no...Read more

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The Hotel Tomo Vending machine

Sort of off to the side is a vending machine. I know a few have said, that it seems like a weird thing, or a take off, but it is part of the Giant Robot thing. Yes, it's our merch in there sans a few items and the prices are right, no jacking them higher. I know a few have gotten some things out of there, and we've refilled this unit a few times al...Read more

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There's a geodome at the Tomo and that's where the annual filmmakers brunch takes place. Tons of people, fruit, coffee, and some snacks. It's easy to say, without them, there's no festival, but if there's no festival, there's less of them too. No dome, no brunch. It never ends. Everyone should be happy. Day 4 is when people begin to leave. Sunday. I sta...Read more

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The crew. This is who I pretty much was with the last few days. I'm staying an extra bit longer since it costs no more, and seeing some films seems like a good idea especially after I've interviewed all of the folks involved. The SFIAAFF is running really well this year despite a bit less Asian American films, even on an "OFF" year, there's still a lot. It...Read more

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2008 SFIAAFF day 2

This lady is a pretty tough worked at Benkyodo, which is on Sutter across from Hotel Tomo. I'll talk a bit more about my involvement here at the Hotel when I shoot more pics of it. Coffees are still $1 here. But if you order soup, she'll stir up the Campbell's. ...Read more

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