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If Rodman Didn’t Go, Would Kenneth Bae Have This Press Conference?

Now something is happening to Kenneth Bae, and yes, you have to thank The Worm for it. Whether he’s drunk, in rehab or singing happy birthday, he brought attention to North Korea. Bae is probably innocent of everything he’s saying he did and in the same pattern as in past cases of anyone stuck in North Korea, you have to gather as much press as you can for the guy. For Kenneth Bae, he’s almost forgotten. He has no fame, no Kickstarter, and not enough reasons for the mass droves of press to ca...Read more

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Double Life of Brian Shin, Drug Dealer

Article about Brian Shin, a drug dealer in Canada who led a double life. One, as a clean cut family kid and the other, a huge dealer of pot. (Torontolife – Brian Shin) The article reads like a crime novel or more like an episode of The Wire than it does Breaking Bad, and his story is not yet complete. He’ll have an appeals hearing in 2014.

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Yoshitomo Nara interviewed from November 2013

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Hiroo Onoda Lived in a Ditch for 30 Years Thinking WWII Never Ended Dies at 91

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GR2: 2/1/14 – 2/19/14 Year of the Horse Exhibition

Merging Views

Feb 1, 2014 – Feb 19th, 2014

Reception Saturday Feb 1st, 2014 6:30-10pm

Year of the Horse Exhibition

Featuring: Andrice Arp, Bubi Au Yeung, Rob Bellm, Elliot Brown, Aaron Brown, St...Read more

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Axe Commercial Twists North Korea and Vietnam War

AXE PEACE – Make Love, Not War. It’s a twist on North Korea and Vietnam makes it in. Fun commercial. I’m still not trying the spray.

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Asiana Crash Video Shows Chinese Teen Victim

Now facing a wrongful death lawsuit, you can see the Chinese teen, Ye Meng Yuan reportedly alive before the firetrucks arrive. No vitals checked, and they assume she’s dead. After foaming the entire area, she was run over twice. Don’t they need to place a simple flag or something in place when they think there’s a “dead body”? Haven’t firefighters thought of this before? You can hear the audio, “Whoa whoa whoa, stop stop, there’s a body here”. You see the firefighters place a yellow sheet on her body after the fac...Read more

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From Before and After – Plane Crash in Hawaii on Video

Yes it’s sensational and there was a death once everyone got out into the ocean. But the idea of a Go Pro set up for snorkeling and rolling the entire time isn’t just a “selfie,” this is some strange type of incidental journalism. The calmness of the people knowing they’re going down, the pilot who seemed to land the plane soft enough, to everyone getting out. Maybe something will get learned by the video. Are the vests easy enough in a panic? It’s also strange how there seems to be not much communicatio...Read more

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Martin Scorcese Interviews The Grand Master Director Wong Kar Wai

If you’ve been following Wong Kar Wai since his early days, the sunglasses are his trademark. You can’t really discern his age, and it’s now nearly 20 years later and he looks exactly the same. The talk ranges from a little bit of kiss ass both ways, since they’re both legends and fans of each others work. You’ll get a bit of insight into the emerging industry of China as well.

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Photographer Adds Herself to Her Childhood Photos – Chino Ohtsuka

Chino Ohtsuka isn’t just a photographer. She’s a master of insertion. No! Not that kind, she puts current herself back to the past in her old childhood photos. It’s like Back to the Future but no need for a Flux Ca...Read more

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