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Remember Vincent Chin

Today, I was filmed for a documentary on Vincent Chin. You might be thinking, (if you know about Vincent Chin) that there already was a documentary years ago by the duo of Renee Tajima Pena and Christine Choy called, Who Killed Vincent Chin?It's a strange title come to think of it, since you do know who killed him literally, but figuratively, who killed him? Was it an uneducated society? Was it a bunch of out of work Detroiters who reflect a huge amount of people around them? Or is it even larger than that? I didn't think I knew a lot about Vincent Chin, until I was asked questions today about what he meant, who should be done, what could have been done, where we are at, and where we're going. Surprisingly, I had an overflow of ideas behind almost each question.

Vincent Chin is long forgotten by many, and maybe shouldn't be. People will say, "that was in 1982!" or "But I was 4 years old!" At least read up on him with some links below. More than likely, you've somehow been touched or affected by his death, and you just don't know how.

When this film comes out, take a look, it's not going to reinvent the wheel, it should open your eyes a bit as to where we're at today as a result of the Vincent Chin issue. Good luck to Curtis Chin and Tony Lam, who'll hopefully use this project to ignite some energy and learning. It's awesome how DV cameras can make all this happen without losing your shirt.

Vincent Chin on wiki. Read the NY Times review on the film.

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cool that there's another doc about vincent chin. I'd actually forgotten that the original was co-directed by renee tajima-pena and chris choy. thanks for reminding me.
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My first presentation in college was on Vincent Chin. I think it's a combination of people being closed minded, frustrated with not having a job, and looking for someone to blame for it.
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Ericnakamura 18 ericnakamura
Ren Ren, yes, I think you're right for sure. I do think it's partially the lack of education of who an Asian American is. Sort of like World War 2 and the Japanese Americans... Qu33nie thanks for commenting. Yes, a tough period. I suppose things could be even worse!
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Actually I don't know him but across your wirting I know him jusr alittle !
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I remember the incident...then watching the documentary. It's so wrong and infuriating with the trial results. I'll be looking for the new doc.
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I think it is really important to re-examine the issue today because as more and more companies out sourcing to Asian countries and the economy is going down the tubes, this could easily happen again even though we like to think that people learned from the past and not repeat the same mistake. Thanks for making sure that he is not forgotten/ being unknow to the younger generations.
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ballet4ky - yes, those are great points. I'd hope... that our society has improved. I hope. Noble T! - I think infuriating is almost a nice way to say it, but yeah, it just pisses me off. And imagine those fools who owe $4 million from losing the civil suit haven't paid for shit. Yenan0406 - that's awesome. Even just one more person who knows makes it worth even writing about.
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