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on the front

It's an honor being featured on the front page of alivenotdead.com. It's amazing that what started as a band website has turned into a great online destination for both Asians, Asian Americans, and fans of the arts. I'm finding that people from many coasts can bind together and share ideas in one place and I'm thankful for the new fans and friends I have thus far. Just look at my friends list. There's a few old and a few new, and more more upcoming. 

Back to me:

I started Giant Robot in 1994 in my bedroom as a small zine, and now 14 years later, it's grown into an international publication with retail stores in LA, SF, and NYC. We even have a small restaurant in LA called gr/eats. I can hardly believe we've come this far, and it's still moving along. I like working a lot, and you can find me at home, trying to think of clever ways to keep moving forward on the dozens of projects at hand. I don't sleep enough, and I'd say I'm a moderate late night sleeper and a fairly early riser. I try and keep morning hours as much as I can. People always ask how I do the many things that I work on, but I have no idea. Maybe it's because it's fun, it's not like a real job. I like writing for Giant Robot, creating designs, collecting things, cooking, coming up with ideas, and checking out art. 

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Some people are so fortunate to love what they're doing.
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I've been thinking about how much this site has grown too, since my high school... wait maybe college days... Anyway, I think this has become very important in terms of just banding together Asians (and Non-Asians) globally and culturally. This is kinda like a virtual/ interactive gallery/ museum. Discovering something new everytime I'm here. I also really like the fact that there's a nice communication between the Official Artists and fans. Kinda break down the barrier a bit. I'm grateful that this site exists. I remember seeing Giant Robot at Asia Society Museum's gift shop for the first time (where I used to work)... I think it was the one w/ Snoopy on it's cover. Funny how things come back in circles. Keep up the great work.
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ya, i totally agree. it's not like a real job when you're having fun!! thanks for the words of encouragement...
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Wait Eric! I know of a great candidate for the SF GR Store - I'll send you details this morning! Are you still in SF? You know - my friend from France introduced me to GR products. It is popular even in Europe. =)
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Keep up the great work! Fun and passion=Success
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Publisher and President Giant Robot Magazine and Stores. Will put foot in your ass if needed. I like bunnies, toys, curry, and art.

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