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My Sunday, from softball to ordering.

This is what the softball picnic throw the ball around and meet each other day looked like. My cousin Mike and Eugenia came later on. The field was taken, but we only had three people, so it became a sit and watch people play tennis, talk about the final four, and eat... That's Bill (he looks like he ate something sour) and Big J. We had pizza, supermarket chimichangas, and diet soda. I had to peel the cheese off of the Frankie and Johnnie's pizza, which is quite great.

Later on in the day, I drove by this... What's up with the tea pots? A lot of them. I had no idea, but this is one of those trippy people's homes where they just go off on one quirky thing to the max.

So the final stop and thought of the day is that, I'm doing the product ordering part of my last of things I want to do. It's sunday night, sort of late, nearly 2am, the best time since bad movies with one star get shown. Wimbledon with Kirsten. Dunst (which their tennis form blows by the way) and The Perfect Score with Leonardo Nam, Darius Miles, and Scarlett Johansson. I'm going through pages of catalogs, and then poof. I see "chef" (that's what's on his ching chong hat in Japanese)... What do the three symbols mean? Crossing Chingchongchingman Flower. I think I get it. I wonder, am I offended? Is this fucked up? Is it stupid?

The actual set is the dude, a bowl of rice, soup, and the last thing

I have no idea what it is. Do you? I'm not offended, since it's too stupid and fucked up and too damn small of an object. I know there's a ton of folks who would be, and maybe are... but it's a tiny magnet, right? Some might see it probably as yet another tiny chipping away at the general Asian image. Should I sell them? No. Do I work with these folks? Yes, now with a hiss... Imagine if it were a blackface character, some caricature with a bone in a nose, what would be going on? Yeah, maybe I'm guilty of not getting riled up enough.

If you want to fight the man on this one. It's easy. Contact Decor Craft Inc. DCI. 877-947-1577.

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to play devil's advocate, that kind of cartoon is somewhat common in Japan and not seen as an offensive stereotype... (when in THAT context) ...its not that disimilar to something like this: http://www.jobthai.com/logo/ajisen_ramen.gif BUT I don't know what 'shufu' (シュフ) is supposed to be?!? nearest i can guess is '主婦' which means housewife... :-P wouldn't be the first time someone put random chinese or japanese words on a picture because they thought they looked cool (or a tatoo for that matter).
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I'm not offended.
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I'm not that surprise that people make dumb ideas a reality because when i worked at a certain museum gift shop in NYC, the buyer for the shop sometime bought in stupid small products like this and the tourists just ate it up. I find it just as stupid when she bought things that has no cultural significance, but since it's made in China/ India/ any Asian countries... it's OK. I cringe everytime she did that ~_~. That's part of the reason why i don't work there anymore.
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
that bottom thing looks like sushi
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