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Remember the marine I blogged a bunch and who was on the news and wanted for murder? See how we all forgot about him, and he's still on the loose somewhere maybe in Mexico, maybe not? Everyone figured he was going to get caught, but that MacGyver in him has probably given him a few extra months. That said, here's the old story about him. Will it be this year when he's caught? Or is he going to be somewhere far away with a new family, identity, and name? Eventually, someone will find "fugitive island" where the all of the wanted folks will be found. In a sick way, I wanted him to get away just to show people that, if you're smart you can beat the law, like Prison Break, but this guy is wanted for murder, it's real life. Time to catch him.

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Oh, we've heard stories where wanted people have been apprehended 10 or 20 years (or more) later. They will be caught - either by their own undoing or the long arm of the law catches up with them. I hope they get caught sooner than later. Grr.
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Publisher and President Giant Robot Magazine and Stores. Will put foot in your ass if needed. I like bunnies, toys, curry, and art.

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