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JAL and Tokyo and Dehara

Japan Airlines is a pretty good airline. Seafood curry works, and they even give you the fukujinzuke (red pickles) to eat with it. Seems like one that you shouldn't blow, and they didn't. The green salad is pedestrian, that was probably made in LA. The salmon was great as was the fish cake, and the burdock root. The dessert was fluffy and not too sweet. All this was an encouraging start to a long trip. I'm surprised at how decent this was.  I got hungry and asked for snacks, here's what they brought. 1) I got a toothbrush, since I forgot mine. 2) the Coca Cola cup actually has their special Yuzu beverage, which is quite nice. It's not too sweet. One the left is their no frills rice cracker mix, which is great. Then it's a two piece fancier rice cracker bag, then a granola, and then potato sticks![](/attachments/2008/05/68743_200805071803019.jpg)This meal didn't work for me, I don't dig the pasta cream sauce along with the chicken. But the small container of noodles were good. Potato salad and fish, and the fruit was all fine. Pryor takes it off with Dehara and Yoko. They all drink a lot.Since Michelle is vegan, this is what she gets. Rabbit food.At a bar in Golden street area... There's maybe 100 bars in the area, most are tiny, but this one was a cool one. Dehara is a good sport and if you haven't, check out his work at gr2.

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Photo 16256
That's pretty funny taking pics of airplane food. I'll do that when I travel again. Of the good and the bad. I like how Dragonair gives small cups of Haagen-Dazs.
over 12 years ago
that's SO nice to be airplane food O.o rabit food LOL
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Photo 22794
Lot nicer than the typical ham sandwiches... maybe the airlines here in the states should learn from Japan Airline to gain customers.
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Photo 1831
the food looks good
over 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
now i'm hungry
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