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GRVLOG Project: Oakland Museum of CA – SuperAwesome: Art and Giant Robot

Hi friends of Giant Robot.

As part of our exhibition at the Oakland Museum of California, we’re asking for 30 second video testimonials about GR from your iPhone or Computer. The idea is to keep it simple and easy. Perhaps talk about what GR means to you. It could be recent or long ago.

It’s for the Oakland Museum of California as part of the SuperAwesome: Art and Giant Robot exhibition that’ll run from April 19-July 27th. It’ll be used on their site and perhaps outside of the exhibition in a loop (I’m not 100% sure). It can be a simple self shot video and doesn’t need to be pro. I need it by February 21st. It probably works best if you pull out your phone and do it now. It might get edited down, I’m not sure, but hopefully this will be easy, cool, and fun. Send it using WeTransfer, Dropbox, or if you think it’ll work, just email it direct.

Email it to bigboss@giantrobot.com

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