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Thanks for the well wishes from many of you. I'm in China, but the Earthquake is quite far away. I was in a plane, and the devastation looks terrible especially since it happened in a poorer province. The news here in China shows no information except weird graphics and two heads on TV. We also felt multiple quakes in Tokyo. 6.8 was the largest that was 100 miles off shore. Although China seems hunky dory, you don't get the news quickly.

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Photo 35135
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I'm glad you're safe... I think the talking heads on TV w/o real info because the authorities didn't want to frighten people in the rest of the country plus I don't think even the authorities know any concrete numbers at this point. I found some videos from HK TVB news on the internet, but they are all in Chinese. If you're interested: http://breakingnews.tvb.com/chinaquake/ Lots of videos on the local rescues, but very little general info on what is being planned also. NY Times seem to have a bit more on numbers in terms of how many troops were being sent by the Cental government, etc. Please take care.
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Most friends I know in China (or the U.S. for that matter) don't get their news from the TV, but the message boards and online video sites have been going crazy with views and coverage so people are still getting their information.
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I don't know you personally. But thank god you are on the plane. More than 11000 died now and many school children. I was on the Hong Kong train today and most people watching the news on the TV was really sad. I think all ALIVENOTDEAD artists and member should try to create a CHINESE EARTH QUAKE charity art sale to help the people still alive to rebuilt their lives - mainly houses and schools. Well, the news are actually coming through very quickly especially with Premier of the State Council - Wen Jiabao 溫家寶 giving moral supports to all involved within 5 hours of the earth quake. As a parent to one child, the sights of parents hopefully searching and mourning for their their children is unbearable.
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