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Asian Pacific Film Festival LA Ping Pong Playa by Jessica Yu

Visual Communications presents the Asian Pacific Film Festival. It's on! Full house at the DGA with Ping Pong Playa as the opening night film. That's an auspicious title. What is Ping Pong Playa about? Imagine a pro Yellow Asian American who's as outspoken as Mars Blackmon and Charles Barkley. And instead of playing basketball, he takes it old school by playing ping pong. The flick is by Oscar winner Jessica Yu, that works with the idea of a tight Chinese American family, a Chinese sport, and model minority myths, but all done under the guise of a comedy. It's a perfect Asian American film fest feature. That's an older photo of Jimmy Tsai and Jessica Yu I took in SF.Patrick from alivenotdead.com and Monica who's a model and such around the globe.That's Terence, who was the one who hooks up with a fan in  Alivenotdead. He's also the one who sings well, but also acts. It's awesome that he's from South Pasadena and has made it in Asia. He doesn't visit much, so say hello when you can or if you see him. He eats pretty quick as I saw at Jerry's Deli after the fest opening. You take it for granted that what I think is junky American food is everywhere, but it doesn't exist in Hong Kong. It was nice to catch up with these folks in LA since I missed em all when I was out there.

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great pic of monica! =)
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