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Jesse Balmer Interview

Jesse Balmer Interview
Magnetic Anomalies artist - Jesse Balmer Interview. Jesse Balmer will be showing at Giant Robot SF, along with Jesse Fillingham, Nick Arciaga, and Leslie Winchester.His line work is intense for sure and from what I've seen, he's looking really great. Here's a few words I accumulated, and hope it helps shed a little bit of light on him and his work. This is also posted at Giant Robot SF's site.

GR: Explain subject matter and overall thematics of your art work.

JB: Of course I'm always trying to convey my general distaste toward civilized society's planet-sized shit storm we get to look at and take part in every single day - and the inherent helpless feeling that comes with being one in 6.5 billion. I'm also interested in mortality, and whether or not I should think it sucks.

GR: Talk about your art educations and what are the parts about it that you take into your work?

JB: My lack of an extended artistic education is probably to blame for the simplicity of my materials. I rarely branch out of my comfortable "gouache, ink, and colored pencil on paper" zone.

GR: In this crowded world of art, what does it take to stand out? Doyou worry about this at all?

JB: If you want to end up with a strong style, it's important not to make changes for changes' sake....which means not worrying about standing out. If you're constantly creating, there should be an evolution that takes place naturally as you learn new things. Eventually you'll be making things that some people want to look at.

GR: Since you're a young artist, I thought I'd ask what current artistsdo you look up to today and why?

JB: I look up to people whose drawings make my stomach churn with jealousy. I also look up to people who have the right idea. Paul Pope makes my stomach churn with jealousy. Josh Keyes has the right idea.

GR: What's your idea future in art in the next few years?

JB: I'm going to be working on a comic for the next few months, and I'm very seriously considering going back to school for animation. But the future is a very big place.

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