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HK Film Festival in SF

I went and sawLove Me Notby Gilitte Pik Chi Leung (Hong Kong 2012) the other night at the San Francisco Honk Kong film festival. It was a fun film and had the indie flavor I like. It was interesting to hear the filmmaker speak after the showing. I understood why the film came out how it did after listening to her. Making an indie movie seems very fun, but also a lot of time and work! I'd like to make a film sometime.

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What's your favorite spot in China?

Planning my trip to China this September. Starting in Beijing and flying out of Hong Kong. Now I need to fill in the stops inbetween!

What do you think?











Hong kong

Any other recommendations? I have like 3 weeks, so I have to narrow it down pretty far..



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a year - really?

Gosh, has it really been a year since I last posted? Lots has happened, started a new brazilian jazz group, moved to downtown SF, got a new rehearsal/recording studio across from where I live. Making plans for a trip to China in September! If you have any tips or places to check out music let me know.


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new tunes

Been playing a lot of music. You can hear some recent recordings at: www.eroksf.com

Going to be working on remaking Eddie Gale's Ghetto Music soon.

Lot's of fog this summer in SF. Bleh.



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Three Penny Opera

Three Penny Opera I will be playing in the band for the Shotgun Players run of the Three Penny Opera which opens December 2nd, in Berkeley. I only found out at the first rehearsal that the band is actually on stage, not in the pit. Apparently there is a fair amount ...

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Eric International

Been working hard to start a music publishing company, learn Logic audio software, rehearsing several bands, and doing a lot of gigs – good times! This is my new blog. Check back for updates. peace out, Eric

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What you would like to hear

I can't find the music I want to hear so am setting out to create it myself. This is the portal. Enjoy.

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I'm slowly learning Mandarin. After a brutal 7:45am, m-th class at San Francisco City college last spring, I've regrouped and am taking a very civilized 10am saturday course at the Chinese Culture Center downtown. I met with gypsy jazz guitarist Doug Martin to get the scoop on playing in Shanghai. He has two groups. One in SF and one in Shanghai. What a great gig! OK back to work, anyone know the characters for Aiy-Ya?  :-)

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SF Blog

It's been a while since I made an entry on this site. Been busy working on composing some new music, new bands, new jobs and generally over-extended with online social networking. Had to take a Facebook hiatus.

I've been seeing a lot of good shows lately. Trumpeter Eddie Gale with William Parker and Marcus Shelby on basses, Kid Jordan on sax, wow. Val Mih was playing piano too.

Yesterday was at my rehearsal space and ran into Ralph from Freak Accident who was surprisingly working with bassist Mark Kennedy on a recording proj...Read more

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Learn Chinese Flash Prototype

I want to learn Mandarin so I thought I'd make a little program to help. This is a prototype I'm working on to show stroke order and pronunciation. I'd like to include some video in it as well.

If anyone has suggestions or wants to help let me know. I think I mixed up some traditional and simplified characters. Only the first entries are working but there's a quiz you can try.


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