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More Sipadan

Got some more pics from Mike from the Sipadan dive:

Right when we dropped off from the boat, there was a school of Bumphead Parrotfish below us sitting in the current.

Me oggling the bumpheads.

And a couple pics from that Mike re-touched and put up on his flickr page:

Barracuda Point's namesake:

Lots of White and Gray tip reef sharks hanging out.

Check out more of Mike's underwater photographs at flickr. There's an especially cool pic in there from the Galapagos' Darwin island with a swarm of hammerheads...

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Sometimes ya just gotta take a loss...

Man's arm trapped in train toilet A passenger on a French train had to be rescued by firemen after having his arm sucked down the on-board toilet.

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Took a week off with one of my best friends from the States whose been on a diving/photography kick for the last few years. We originally thought about going to dive Australia's GBR, bounced around the idea of New Caledonia, but then ended up on the much closer (and cheaper!) islands of Mabul and Sipadan in Malaysian Borneo. Overall, I got in 11 regular dives, 1 night dive, and 4 dives in Sipadan over the 6 nights I was there.

Dive sites and schedule. Every evening, guests check where they're diving the next day and sigh when they don't get to go to Sipadan.

Warm weather, clear water, the resort part wasn't bad...

Kapalai "island" (mostly a hump of sand) as viewed from Mabul. It's also the location of another resort and some dive sites.

Over water bungalows at our resort. We did not stay in these. Too romantic. The ones we stayed in were over land.

Complete with an old oil rig which is a dive site. Budget travelers can also choose to stay here.

Mike's EOS30D fitted with macro lens, getting prepped for diving!

Mika, our dive master for the first two days.

Local fisherman. Underwater, we would hear these laser gun like sounds. Turns out, the locals still practice blast fishing.

5:30 AM on our way to Sipadan.

Don't come here without a permit:

No pics yet, but Sipadan diving was awesome. Barracuda Pt is the favorite dive spot where white-tipped reef sharks and HUGE schools of Big Eye Jacks, Bumphead Parrotfish, and of course, Barracuda are abundant. Oh yeah, lots of turtles here, but turtles are everywhere on Mabul. The coral is also awesome except for a spot around "drop off" where damage from a barge crashing into the reef in 2006is still apparent.

Short nap after 4 dives:

From Mike's EOS 30D. These are all from Mabul. Waiting for his Sipadan pics.:

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Geekiest Rap Video ever?

This video was submitted as evidence in this cnet article that the folks at the new LHC may have one too many screws loose.

Video is here.

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Had a 4 hour layover in Vancouver on my way back to HK. I got to go into the lounge, but to my horror......

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2 second movie reviews


Best film I've seen in a while. Good fantasy/romantic comedy, written by Neil Gaiman of Sandman fame.


Golden Compass

Disappointing compared to Stardust.


Keinohrhasen (Rabbit without ears)

Campy but cute german romantic comedy. The scene with the nephew running amok reminds me of this german commercial.


Die Fälscher ( The Counterfeiters )

Captivating film. Reminiscent of The Pianist.


An Empress and the Warriors

Great visuals but disappointing characters and weak plot.


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Real Superhumans

I've read about  the super uber baby a couple years ago. Dunno how true the rest are. Still, a pretty fun read:

7 People from around the world with real mutant powers

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More charts

Here's one for lim.

Note that the orange bars that are so prominent are for 1907/8. The blue bars are current levels.

Oh ya, the chart is from this article.

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Fun with Stats

from the Economist:

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