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introducing: The Search (2007)

Wow, I cannot believe how busy I have been. Nine months or more without being able to blog here due to my latest movie project, which is in post-production as I type this.

Anyway, for now, I will post the trailer of my last movie, The Search (2007) .

cheers everyone!

Video: p.s.  got 109 feeds to go through!

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my second of glory!

wow, seems like yesterday when I got a few seconds of glory - more like one second - on the screen in a Taiwanese TV advertisement. Check it out

Now, that was back in 2006! I doubt anybody could have seen me, but I am in the background on the first second of the clip! very important supporting role!

Ah, but it was worth a while! I definitely has some good times with Anthony Wong!

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On Stephen Chow's CJ7

As most of you should (or must) know, CJ7 is the name of a 2008 movie by Maestro Stephen Chow. If you thought CJ7 was ony a car model, then please stop reading my blog now

I thought this movie was very surprising, three years after the great KUNG FU HUSTLE, a movie about aliens! But not ugly and attacking aliens, the movie is about friendly aliens who bring love to the world. 

CJ7 is a movie that is tender and soft to the eye, it reaches all kinds of audiences from kids to grownups; definitely Chow has become an outstanding director! Not only can he direct himself and other actors like the kids, the teachers, etc.. but the CGI alien, what a superb job done with that little creature.

SPOILERS>>> Now, the scene when Chow dies and the son is taken home is worth the whole movie alone. It is a little masterpiece in itself, I am sure many tears were shed by the audience.  <<<SPOILERS

I had the chance to participate in CJ7's press conference here in Taipei and had a great time, as you can see on the following video:

Yes, that was me . Now, this is not the first time I see Stephen Chow, I met him briefly during the 5th World Wushu Championships in HK in 1999. I wish I could scan our picture together, but that is not possible now.

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On the Forbidden Kingdom and more...

Hello again, have been very busy with my new production which is scheduled to be filmed in July. On my spare time have been surfing Alive Not Dead getting used to the site and the different features it offers. I am not a hight tech person, but I am very impressed so far.

I was able to catch the Forbidden Kingdom here in Taipei, I enjoyed the movie very much, watching such mega stars together was great. That first dialogue they have after their introduction fight is priceless!


Not so happy having Jackie Chan's mandarin voice being dubbed, also I do not consider the foreign actor up to par for what is should have been required for this movie. But the rest was very well done. Yuen Woo Ping and his team continue to re-invent themselves every time, it's amazing!

Other than that, I am enjoying some Korean Cinema lately, director Kim Ki Duk:

  • Breath (Noom) 2007

  • Samaritan Girl 2004

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Hello AnD! and a little about my movies

Hello everybody at Alive not Dead! Hope to be able to share with you some of my previous experiences and passions.

Up to this moment I have made three movies. The first one is “The Way of the Tiger” in 2003. It took one year to complete. It was entirely filmed in Taipei. The original language was Chinese and it is 45 minutes duration.

The second movie was filmed right after (2004-2005) and it is called “Delivery Kid” . Delivery Kid was a more ambitious project and a long duration movie, 90 minutes. It was filmed both in Taiwan and Spain and involved people of 16 different countries. The original language is Spanish. From beginning to end it took also one year to complete with many problems in its post-production stage. It was finally finished at the end of 2005 and its Taiwan premiere took place in December of 2005. Later there was also a Spanish premiere held in Madrid (March of 2006).

The third movie is a short movie (35 minutes duration) called “The Search” . It was entirely filmed in Taiwan. The pre-production took around three months but the movie was filmed in only two weeks with a very tight schedule that almost everyday ended up with me until 3 or 4 in the morning reviewing and editing the day’s tapes to make sure nothing was missing. In this production I was helped by some students and friends of the Taiwan’s University of Art hoping to improve the quality and using the University equipment. The movie original language is Chinese and it had enter many movie festivals around the world.

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