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  • You Were There

    Wednesday, Apr 4, 2012 9:51PM / Members only

    You were there right from the start
    When I was down and full of shame
    You were the one who saw my heart
    And helped me to see I wasn't to blame

    You were there with your shoulder to share
    Whenever I cried or needed a friend
    You were the one who could truly care
    With your open heart, my soul could mend

    You were there through all the tears
    That at the time seemed to pour like rain
    You were the one who saw my fears
    And didn't hold them against me in vain

    You were there when i was all alone
    And took my hand to show the way
    You were the one who has shown
    All the warmth behind what you say

    You were there shining a light through the dark
    Helping me up and carrying me out
    You were the one whose made your mark
    And held my hand when I needed to shout

    You were there before all the bad
    But i took for granted what little time we had
    Now I'm alone crying and so sad
    Because now you're gone and inside I feel so mad

    By:Brittany Drews aka-emogothgurl

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  • Do You Know

    Wednesday, Apr 4, 2012 9:41PM / Members only

    Do you know how much it hurt
    When i was pushed aside
    Do you know hoe deep it cut
    When I knew that you had lied

    Do you know about
    All the bruises that I hide
    Do you know much pain
    That I keep locked away inside

    Do you know how much I bled
    On the night you drank to much
    Do you know how much I wished
    When you said you changed so much

    Do you know how much
    That I pray for you each night
    Do you know i wish
    That we would never fight

    Do you know how much I long
    For the pain to pass me by
    Do you know i morn
    When yo shake your head and sigh

    Do you know how much I cry
    When you shout and yell and curse
    Do you know how much it hurts
    When I see you getting worse

    Oh do you, do you know/

    By:Brittany Drews aka-emogothgurl

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  • Hidden Feelings

    Wednesday, Apr 4, 2012 9:31PM / Members only

    If tomorrow never comes
    Will you know how much i cared
    Inside me now, deep down below
    Are all the words I never shared

    Hidden up top on the highest shelf
    Are all the letters you never read
    From you i keep sheltered
    All the words I never said

    The fear I have for you runs deep
    But from you I cannot hide
    I wish you would feel the same
    And know i have not lied

    I long to tell you how i feel
    to have your heart and share your love
    The courage now inside me grows
    And swirls to heavens like a whirlwind dove

    So now I tell you with pride
    And reveal all the love I have inside
    I'll show you my heart and give you my soul
    I'll tell you the truth and no longer hide.

    By:Brittany Drews aka -emogothgurl

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  • Think Of Me

    Wednesday, Apr 4, 2012 9:23PM / Members only

    When life starts out so bold and bright
    with so much to face before the fight
    Out your window now is so much to see
    But I hope you'll think of me

    Growing up to join the race
    i hold you tightly in my embrace
    Hope for you there will always be
    But still I hope you'll think of me

    The future lies before you now
    Face it brightly, you know how
    Fly away so strong and free
    But please remember to think of me

    I think of you, for you hold the key
    If you would just think of me

    By:Brittany Drews aka-emogothgurl   

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  • Life's Song

    Wednesday, Apr 4, 2012 9:17PM / Members only

    You look out to the world with fear and doubt
    There's so much to see, so much to figure out
    Trying to figure out who you are
    In a world that goes on so far

    Don't be afraid and hide
    Show the world who you are inside
    Come out like a star so bright
    And let them see your warmth and light

    Share your hopes, dreams and heart
    This I find is a good place to start
    To be yourself without any fear
    So don't shy away or shed a tear

    And don't be afraid your life will end...
    Be afraid it will never begin.

    By:Brittany Drews aka-emogothgurl

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