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  • Bring On The Bling! Bring On The Bling!

    Thursday, Sep 9, 2010 2:05AM / Standard Album / Photo Shoots
    18 pictures / 2730 views / 2 comments

    Photo shoot/Ad Campaign for a Jewelery Company ...  

  • Valentine's Day :) Valentine's Day :)

    Saturday, Mar 13, 2010 10:39PM / Standard Album / Photo Shoots
    5 pictures / 1944 views

    SinChew Daily - Valentine's Day Interview

    星洲日報 - 王駿 汪芷榆 濃情蜜意情人節

  • Citta Bella "都会佳人" Magazine Nov '09 Citta Bella "都会佳人" Magazine Nov '09

    Friday, Nov 6, 2009 1:47AM / Standard Album / Photo Shoots
    8 pictures / 4568 views / 2 comments

    "When Men Are The Editors"
     A few women including myself had to choose one guy, either a friend, a boyfriend or a sibling, to give us makeovers!

    Not bad!

  • The Work of Andy Ho The Work of Andy Ho

    Tuesday, Sep 1, 2009 9:45PM / Standard Album / Photo Shoots
    7 pictures / 1628 views / 12 comments

    He's worked alongside some of the biggest names in fashion, whether it's in London, Paris or Hong Kong. He is well respected for his work and is considered by many as one of the best hairstylists in Malaysia. Well, Andy sure knows how to work his magic! Not only did he style my hair, he also did my make up! He made everything look so effortless and almost playful...

    Ok I know I'm gonna sound extremely big headed by saying this, but WOW! That man gave me woo-hooo-hooo cheekbones and GEEZ have you seen those   lips ??? He said all he did was merely emphasise on what I already had, ...and I replied, " You mean like my eyes, nose, cheeks and lips?? " If this was "merely emphasising", can you imagine what it would be like if he was " totally emphasising " ? I seriously think make up artists and hairstyists are like magicians. And I am more than happy to be the prop they use to perform their magic on.

    Thanks Andy!

  • Just Shoot Me! Just Shoot Me!

    Sunday, Dec 28, 2008 4:05AM / Artwork / Photo Shoots
    112 pictures / 5751 views / 15 comments

    Photos from various magazine shoots, many are silly "behind the scenes" shots, which I absolutely love! It's always the best when work = fun & fun = work ;)

  • TTL - Vogue Noir TTL - Vogue Noir

    Monday, Oct 20, 2008 9:32PM / Artwork / Photo Shoots
    43 pictures / 5264 views / 21 comments

    TTL is a photography term which means "Through The Lens". It's something that my very close friend (a wonderful photographer ;p) & I came up with. This is our first "official" shoot, with me as the Creative Director/Model/Photographer's Assistant, and my friend as, of course, the photographer ;)

    I named it "Vogue Noir" because we didn't want to do a shoot like every other shoot, we wanted it to be edgy, quirky, emotional, random, dark.....but yet each set still has it's own little story to tell. We had sooooooooo many ideas, one day just wasn't enough! And we also had to improvise to sudden changes, delays, etc etc... But we had fun though! And I liked the results too

    Hope there'll be more from TTL, stay tuned guys!!!

  • Modern Classic Collection Modern Classic Collection

    / Standard Album / Photo Shoots
    30 pictures / 1515 views / 12 comments

    That's me, without any hints of being a Bridezilla. Okay, maybe just a few little signs... 


  • Elvanna (汪芷榆) was born and raised in London, UK. As a teenager she relocated to Taiwan with her family, and also studied in Singapore for a few years...


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