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Standing Still...

I can't remember the last time I last blogged here... Seems I've been busy dealing with a lot of changes, overcoming obstacles and facing new ones... Experienced something miraculous and understanding how fragile miracles can be...

Was hospitalized recently after a bad fall, causing a massive blood clot that was compressing the nerves controlling my right leg, paralyzing it from my knee to my foot. My foot was like jello, and most of the time I was just staring at it and willing it to just move a little, or feel something, anything. But nope, it didn't react in any way, as if it wasn't attached to me anymore... I wasn't sure how to handle the situation, since the docs didn't seem to have a clue either. I was still trying to accept the fact that I can't feel my leg and I can't walk and I don't know if it's ever gonna get better.

2 weeks went by, and by then my leg was so swollen it was twice the size of my left leg. And then one morning I felt a tingle. Then some stinging pain in my calf, and then boom! My foot was feeling the craziest attack of pins and needles of the century. Still not moving, but it's alive!


Anyway, another few weeks of sleepless nights and being poked my needles everyday, I was finally able to shuffle around on my own for a very short period of time and was allowed to go home soon after. I felt like I was getting better until I started to feel sudden jolts of pain on my foot as if I was being burned by a cigarette or being stabbed repeatedly with an ice pick. I was totally exhausted both mentally and physically after 4 days of excruciating pain, because all type of painkillers were useless, none of them helped ease the pain. 

Then gradually the attacks seemed to slow down and subside, leaving behind this constant uncomfortable sensation on the surface of my skin. I have my ok days and my not so ok days, when my leg feels weaker and my foot gets tiny surges of pain throughout the day. I'm still healing but was told that dancing might not be possible anymore due to some damaged nerves.... I'm choosing to believe that it may not be as bad as they say, and I will just wait and see. A couple more months and let's see if I'm back in the studio again 😉 Elvanna Raine is not done yet!


Hugs,Elvanna xoxo

~ Btw, I've missed you all so much!! This new version of AnD still needs some getting used to, haha 😜 Still, I'm glad to be back (and still in one piece) 😊 

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