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Elvanna Raine 汪芷榆

IDS Mia with a 3.2" Elite Heel

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IDS Mia 3.2" Elite

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Luscious enjoying the sun.... Aww u big baby ❤️

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"Mommy....i need u.... sniff... #lovesick #homesick

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Selling IKEA 9成新 高腳床架 你開價吧! for NT$2,000. Chat with me on Carousell to get it! Download the free app now by tapping the link on @carousell_tw have fun! #carousell #instagrammers #android #iphone #instashop #forsale #shopmycloset #sayajual #jualan #onlineshopph #hkonlineshop #sgflea #carousellTW

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Need I Say More?

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Time for my haircut again...

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Elvanna Raine 汪芷榆

Actor , MC / Show Host , Model


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Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin, hokkien
Favorite Tv Shows Boston Legal, House, Greys Anatomy, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, The Big Bang Theory, Fringe, White Collar, Castle
Gender Female
Job Actress/ Model/ Event Emcee/ TV Host

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