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Elvanna Raine 汪芷榆

歌劇魅影 再度來台咯! 突然好想念老家喔, 倫敦啊倫敦 🇬🇧... 不過, 表演結束後, 剛好有幸與男主角 Brad Little 聊了一下, 風趣的他對於表演的熱愛以及不斷挑戰自己的要求, 讓人羨慕與敬佩! - The Phantom of The Opera is here! Really miss my hometown London all of a sudden ❤ ... But, a nice surprise rounded up my night with a brief chat with the talented Brad Little (aka) "The Phantom" after the show😊 Looking relaxed yet still charismatic, and witty nonetheless! We managed to squeeze in quite alot of random chitchat, and some professional stuff that was like a breath of fresh air... esp. when he had to politely talk around or above this extremely clingy & die hard fan, clearly the size of a small tree and trying to grow roots between him & well, everyone else, haha! Clingon aside, Brad Little is an experienced performer with a youthful twinkle in his eyes, and with an undeniable passion in his profession, which will continue to make him soar.

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Elvanna Raine 汪芷榆

Actor, Show Host, Model


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Location Korea
Hometown London, England
Simplified Chinese Name 汪芷榆
Gender female

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