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Elvanna in Korea

It's been a while since I moved to Korea, and I'm loving it here! The people here are great and my managers have been taking such great care of me - I almost feel spoiled sometimes!Here's me appearing as a guest on one of the Korean TV shows when I first arrived ~ It was a very fun experience - Can't wait for more![](/attachments/2012/05/01/20/120471_201205012052362.thumb.jpg)More updates coming up! Stay tuned 

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Remember Me?

it's been ages since i've visited u guys here, and i've missed u all!the past year has been a roller coaster ride of emotions... my father passed away last may after he was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and my family and i have been trying very hard to adjust to a life without him. there is so much i want to say, yet at the same time i don't know where to begin. all i know is that i couldn't have asked for a better dad, and i am truly blessed to be his daughter.i miss you honey papa...~ love always ~

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NTV7 開心就好!

Had so much fun the other day in the studio, Mandy and I were invited as special guests for NTV7's new game show "開心就好", and from the moment we arrived at the studio it was non-stop craziness all the way  After the recording, we wasted no time and met up with a few friends for a - Yummy Steamboat Time!!!

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It's A 10!

Finally! The long awaited November issue of Female Magazine is finally out!

In this issue:

Female Magazine's 2010  50 Most Gorgeous People: All StarsEdition!

And guess who's No. 10?


Quick update: I'm still in LA and I am really loving the change. The weather has been lovely... Home is nice n cozy and totally perfect. Hey I can see the Hollywood sign from the living room window!

Yup. This apartment Kicks. Ass.

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Raine in LA

Arrived in sunny Los Angeles a few days ago, really loving the weather here...

Definitely a great feeling to be surrounded by a whole new environment every now again, refreshes the brain and I'm feeling Goooooooooooooood

Is LA my kinda city? Hmm. Could I live here? Maybe. Yup. Definitely maybe.

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Our Sky... Our 3 Days...

Spent the last 3 days hiking in the woods, feeding mosquitoes, stumbling under waterfalls, getting wet and dirty, and sharing endless hilarious moments with my co-stars...

3 whole days in a forest shooting scenes for NTV7's drama "Our Sky" <我們的天空> - Tough? Definitely. Fun? Always. Especially since we somehow managed to sneak away for a few hours to do a little bit of "sightseeing", toilet-venturing, and animal watching ...

On-screen ex-hubby...

Mosquito bite. Just the 1st of many others....

Mandy & Kingston!

Bizarre "Love" Triangle..?

Monkey: "Beat it...Just beat it..."


"pokey pokey pokey"


Yup. EWWWWWW. bluergghhh

Pretty Janelle ~~

It's a WRAP!!!


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So. Feeling very lazy today. Lack of sleep, lack of TLC, lack of McDs, lack of Haagen Dazs, lack of creativity (blog-wise), lack of clear eyesight, therefore, the obvious lack of proper grammar and the ability to structure sentences, blah blah blah. Gee, this kind of blogging is so easy. I should do this more often. If only I could resist the urge to shower you all with projectile word vomit.

I'm kidding! No need to run.

With co-star Mandy Chen...

It's quite heartwarming to find a fellow actress whose from Taiwan but has relocated to Malaysia... Coz we both miss the food there. A LOT.

I'm done for the day and finally I can go home to rest up and......and blog.

Thank u for your patience, soon I will blog about my upcoming projects and also....I'll be coming to HK & China this month! WoooooHoooooo!!!!!!!! 

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★ My Star ★

hello ~

how's everyone doing lately? i haven't been blogging as "compulsively" as i used to, so sorry! (but to those who end up like this --> when reading my long-winded blogs -  You're Welcome )

I've been going through this strange emotional roller-coaster phase recently, the result of many issues, old and new put together, and have now snow-balled into what I call "The Stupid Dome of Gloom". It's so infuriating & frustrating that I have to stop myself from clawing the walls. But I might have to rely on my friends to stop me from clawing...other people.   I would love to get into detail but then it will take days (knowing me ), and I might get kicked off AnD ... Nah, not worth it. Hehehe....

Regardless of all the drama, I've still been able to pull myself together and stay optimistic, because I have finally found the motivational force that I have been searching for, the strength that once guided me through the many obstacles in life, which I somehow lost along the way and wasn't able to find again... Until now.

  ★I found My Lucky Star...★

あなたに The nostalgic feeling of what a naive mind sees, which is pure happiness even through the rough moments in life...

Star - Koji Tamaki Where my inspiration once came from, my passion and perseverance to soldier on, against all odds...ロマン - Romance - Koji Tamaki

And how I found the most amazing and liberating way to overcome the most difficult moments I ever faced...

コール - 玉置浩二 Tamaki Koji

Thank you for brightening up my life,マイヒーロー !!!

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Time Flies... Happy 2nd B-Day to CLIVE!

I remember having a lot of fun at CLIVE's 1st Anniversary last year, coz I had to take part in a game with the readers, something which involved large quantities of bananas, a few guys, and lotsa condoms... It sure doesn't feel like a year's gone by already!

Went with two of my very talented and naughty friends, fellow actors Ash Nair and Hansen Lee... Bumped into friends that I haven't seen in AGES, enjoying my rare night out in town, and drinking alcohol in a very moderate way, of course...

My two boys were keeping themselves very occupied (getting phone numbers and oozing charm) while I did my CLIVE Covergirl thing... Which was playing a game of Wii with one of the readers!

My arm was so tired but it was really fun! I didn;t win the game, but for a 1st timer i think I didn't do too bad...

Hung around Zouk for a little while longer afterwards, but I was getting pretty tired already by then, and seeing that I have 2 more events to attend this weekend, we went home early. Such good kids we are..... Heehee.

Hope to get more photos from the event soon so I can post em up here... Apparently there are some really hilarious shots of me while I was Wii-ing.... Uh oh.....

Till then -


Aha! Just a few more photos from that night - Thanks to Tian Chad and Sarah (sorry for stealing your pic! )

With fellow CLIVE Cover girls and CLIVE's wonderful editor Robert Chan

Pouting for the camera with Kylie Chapman, the emcee for the night

Thanks again for the photos!

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Just love this song so much and felt like sharing it...

Star - 玉置浩二

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