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Standing Still...

I can't remember the last time I last blogged here... Seems I've been busy dealing with a lot of changes, overcoming obstacles and facing new ones... Experienced something miraculous and understanding how fragile miracles can be...

Was hospitalized recently after a bad fall, causing a massive blood clot that was compressing the nerves controlling my right leg, paralyzing it from my knee to my foot. My foot was like jello, and most of the time I was just staring at it and willing it to just move a little, or feel something, a...Read more

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Parang, Sugar Cane and Old Canto Hit... https://t.co/Ks3uJ6D9hw

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之前拍的廣告出爐啦! https://t.co/tI5kJIEwqo

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Hubby Boo Jonn Benedict Lu very seriously prepping for his presentation....

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T'was fun being given so much freedom to explore and improv my dialogues by da director for my guest stint in... http://t.co/w1nmhd4Dpa

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這部電影剛上映!演員當中有本大爺,還有羅家英,陳峰大哥和卓威旭。。。 大家去捧一捧場吧。此大恩大德,本大爺沒齒難忘。謝謝!

http://t.co/FF0CdzB5QF http://t.co/a5NGrVp1dL

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http://t.co/DmpdYye6jS http://t.co/nM7K5tEHUM

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One of the World’s Most Notorious Illegal Fishing Crews Is Fined $17 Million http://t.co/iDvwbvoPlA

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