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What I've been up to

So much and so little can happen in 2 months depending on your luck as well as what you are willing to make of it.  Given that opportunities weren't going to fall into my lap as of late, it was convenient that I had already gone out to make opportunities for myself.  So here's the gist of the results:

  1. I am now officially signed to a new manager in Central Artists Management. 

  2. I underwent two months of training at new martial arts school.  I definitely feel a lot sharper, cleaner, and more explosive than I was before. 

  3. Made some time to explore some more Adobe After Effects.  Here's a little logo I made for a friend's production company (don't mind the music):

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qk4_ZIgV09Y

Other than that, last month I was fortunate enough to attend the Chinese American Film Festival opening ceremony.  It was definitely a fun experience meeting up with old and new faces working in the industry.  Feel free to check out pics in the new album.  We also caught a glimpse of the movie "Duo Biao" (or Champions).  While we were unable to catch the whole thing due to time constraints, what we saw of it was definitely enjoyable. 

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed reading my pointless banter.  Here's to hoping I can make the last few weeks of 2k8 count!


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