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OH dear... where does the time go...

What's been going on and on?  :   Stuff

What stuff... well....... it's been so long since I've been on here i guess i have to bullet point it :

  • new house

  • new relationship (ha not so new now huh?)

  • new funding for Focus On Film from the HK government

  • new job teaching at CIS

  • writ...Read more

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We spend so much time in Hong Kong working and promoting ourselves. 

But i think it is time to talk about family.

Family?  Yeah, family.

So, we are born into these units called families.  Some people think we choose which families we come to.  But if we are going to be scientific, and I am in a scientific mood, then there is no evidence and most likely it is all chance and we, by chance, end up in this unit, this entity called a family.  We maybe don’t gel with this unit, maybe we are at odds with it, or rebel against it, or j...Read more

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CANNES FILM FEST>...... getting the hang of it!

I think i get it now.... you just have to be invited... to like, everything.

Most of the contacts are made here... in the cocktails, at the events, at the screenings...

Just a few snap shots of the China Night Party (thanks to the people at the Hong Kong Pavilion!!!) and the screen displaying Permanent Residence... a film by Scud being promoted by HKg at the festival.

For the other events... well... i couldn't carry my camera to the black tie things folks- now that would have bee...Read more

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CANNES FILM FEST>...... Early Days report

How's this for a spotlight on Hong Kong?!?

Well, the first days at the Cannes Film Festival were a bit of an eye opener.  It is not that easy to arrive with no PR support and promote work on your own.   I know, i know... it LOOKS glam, but it is actually hard work.

We have come with seven of Focus on Film student's short works, all entered into the Cannes Short Film Corner.  The feedback has been amazing- across the board...  no one thinks for a second these are not actual adult film maker...Read more

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CANNES! Film Fest and other stories

May 12, 2009


Local Non-Profit Film School Screens 7 Films at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner

Hong Kong SAR – Focus on Film, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young people through film will have 7 films screened at this year’s Cannes Film Festival in the short film corner.  All the films are produced, directed, shot, and acted in by students who have been through the Focus On Film programs.  They range in age from 11 to 21.  The films include:Read more

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Avid Blogger? Not so much

Man i has been a while.  But the blogging bug was biting so i figured i'd give in.Sunday night.  I just finished a long hike, dog and apartment are now clean, and a cold beer, cup noodles and a movie await.  Heaven.Once i get past the fear being lonely, i realize that i like being alone.  I spend so much of my time being "up" and socializing that it is down time i need to recharge.  If only i didn't kick and scream so much before settling in.Learned a lot about myself the past few weeks.  I actually felt a change ...Read more

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It's a Wrap... well, it WAS a wrap!

Well, there it is, seven locations and as many shooting days later,  we have finally wrapped AnA. 

I have to say that it seems to be the same every time.  We think it is impossible, but it always, always turns out to BE possible.  What i liked the most about today- apart from the fact that we shot in two locations that were as good as any professional location scout could have come up with- was that by the end of the shoot, the kids had gelled into one.  Sandy, from a local school, is best buddies with Alina fr...Read more

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and here... we........ GO

It all happens so fast, and so slow at the same time these days.

In the meantime, did anyyone take the time to notice what a BEAUTIFUL day it is outside today.  Please do.  It is so rare to have that crisp clear blue sky with an autumnal chill in the air that i miss so much from the New England coast line.

Quick blog about the Girl's Life shoot.  My group (there are three) is shooting 'AnA;'  A story of a young girl who is struggling with her self esteem and body image.  We have shot for a few days now on...Read more

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Well i should have realized this was going to be harder than that!!!

The Focus on Film Experimental film team is  seeking actors for a dream sequence in the film they are creating for the Girl's Life Program : Focus On Film.

The program empowers youth to create their own work and this particular work is on a young girl struggling with her body image.

We are  looking for someone talented to play the 'dream eating lady'. She or he must be heavy set and being short is a plus! 

We are a...Read more

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A Girl's Life (continued)

Let me touch in and touch base:It WAS my birfday.... but more o dat lataLet's do the more important stuff first!Like:  first off and first on my mind these days: A Girl's Life is in Principal Photography!A quick update for the curious about the progress of this program funded by The Women's Foundation. Three filmsThe topic:  gender stereotypingCreated entirely by three young ...Read more

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