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you can talk to the talk if you stalk the walk.

i just noticed one can see who's visited on this site.  that's pretty cool in case charles manson ever drops by and it keeps things sorta safe for all the webstalking that would go on other social networking sites...not that i'd know.

of course i guess the downside of being safe from stalkiers online is that i can't creep out my favorite celebrities here (i.e jimmy lin and roger fan).  i'll just stand behind them and breathe loudly next time...i don't think there's an app for...Read more

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i need to work on this thing...

i think the ADD-driven formats of facebook status updates and twitter are going to make blogging and paragraphs a dying art form.  geez, i don't even know what to write about now.  pardon me while i think about the irony....

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Ping Pong Playa Info

Haha, I just ripped this off Jimmy.  I was gonna say all this anyways.   Enjoy!

EVERYBODY!!! CHECK IT: the new comedy from Oscar winner Jessica Yu - PING PONG PLAYA  opens September 5th in SAN FRANCISCO, SAN  JOSE, BERKELEY, LOS ANGELES, GLENDALE, ALHAMBRA, IRVINE and NEW YORK.  On September 12, the film opens in SEATTLE and HOUSTON!  Please spread the word and send email blasts! It's an exciting time--but here's where we need you. We'll let the movie speak for itself (if the reactions of people who have seen th...Read more

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What to do this weekend!

Probably old news but two awesome gigs to check out this weekend!

1)  Ping Pong Playa.  Go check out the info here on AnD and/or www.movietickets.com for showtimes in your 'hood!  Go C-Dub/JImmy!!!  Blink and you'll miss my cameo too!  Heh heh...

2)  The International Secret Agents Concert.  This looks like an awesome venue with my boys from the FarEast Movement and more raw talent than you can shake a stick at.  Info is also here on AnD me thinks.

...Read more
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Hollywood Chinese

Quick shameless and hopefully painless plug. 

So a documentary that I did a crapload of back-breaking work behind the scenes is having its theatrical run.  I'll post a link for details.  But long story short, the topic matter is about the progress (or perhaps lack of, for the those of a more somewhat understandably cynical nature) of Chinese/Chinese American images and figures in the Hollywood film industry.  Probly kinda relevant to a lot of stuff on this site. 

Also, it got the Golden Horse recently which is cool, bu...Read more

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get this dude on AnD

how the fock

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wplL3jN2sw is this not known as the greatest moment of cinematic history?

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Enter The Jerk

This is my first time with  a Blog.  Please be gentle with my deflowering...

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