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    Thursday, Jan 10, 2013 11:57PM / Standard Entry / Members only

    Software ERP Indonesia - Rev. .. do not feel ya now 2013. This new year I am going to share a bit of news about Indonesia ERP Software with respect to the more advanced world of information technology in today's modern era.

     The application of information technology systems in enterprises that carry particular the use of Software ERP (enterprise resource planning) in Indonesia has now become a must to support the development of a company, especially if the company has a very large resource. The need for even the best ERP software will be considered if the company has a lot of company branches, this is where we need more than just the value of ERP software ERP software but can also create connectivity between branch offices and headquarters.

    Software ERP Indonesia
    Altius offers the best solution that meets our need for a base on ERP Software in Indonesia must have been setup in such a way as to fit the business policy in Indonesia. ERP Software, Altius is supported by the most advanced features, one of which is called Compatible to ELSA Online via the internet (Highly Secure Business Connection) a sophisticated software that can create a network between branches can menguhubungkan which is very useful for company that has many branches until we're not difficult to arrange any steps as will use the company's resources on each branch. And below is the other advanced features that have been embedded in the sales package ERP software Altius

    Software ERP Indonesia

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