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local sights through foreign eyes - the esplanade and palawan beach...

This is the final instalment of my " Local Sights Through Foreign Eyes " series, which is more or less the pics I took when my Taiwanese friends, from the music company which the band Sodagreen belongs, were here for their concert in August...

Since it's been a while from the last post, here's a recap of the places we visited: http://mer...Read more

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high school reunion at brussels sprouts and k-ster...

Some of the best times of my life happened when I was just a student, 20 years ago...

Back in those River Valley High School  days, some of us would stay back after class, whip out our own collection of song lyrics, and sing together. After school (sometimes during school hours!), we would go roller-skating at Supreme Roller Disco , and hang out at the Kim Seng Bowl or Fire disco . We even formed groups and won the school...Read more

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why does it always rain on me?

Why do people complain so much about anything under the sun?

If you ever feel discontented, dissatisfied with your life (or your latest designer mechandise), take a look around you first...

And then watch the following video...

Why Does It Always Rain On Me?


(Copyright: Woodcharm Ltd. under license to EMI Records Ltd.

A film made for Live 8. Music by...Read more

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One of my favourite reality shows is " America's Next Top Model ", and I always enjoy watching how they transform the mostly ordinary looking girls into beautiful high fashion models...

It's pretty fluffy, for sure, but it's also great entertainment. Moreover, it's a good way to see what really goes on behind-the-scenes in the modelling or show business world...

And in the past week, on episode 4 of the above show's 11th season, we saw the girls being transformed by way of makeovers ...Read more

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mamma mia!

I often attribute my love for singing to my beloved Mother , who'd passed away many years ago. All through her relatively brief life, whether in times of happiness or strife, she never failed to sing her heart out. And her favourite songs were those by ABBA , The Carpenters , Cliff Richard , Barry Manilow , and many others of that era. So of course, those became MY favourite songs too...

I remember Mother used to sing " Read more

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happy mid-autumn festival...

To all of you...

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

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the world is just awesome... boom de ah dah...

Saw this clip from '[info]'squido and I immediately loved it!!! Must share!!!

So here it is:**The World Is Just Awesome

  • Discovery Channel**

Read more

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alive not dead...

This past week had been a real roller coaster ride indeed...

Firstly, it has seen me taken ill with severe food poisoning (the culprit was  Fried Char Kway Teow ) to the point where I was so weak I thought I was already floating in Heaven (or wished I was... although it actually felt more like Hell), and then slowly nursed myself back to health on my own...

Only to find that my laptop had succumbed to the Trojan virus and some other annoying installation errors that kept throwing the Read more

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windows cleaned... finally!!!

Thanks once again to all you folks who had offered solutions and tips and encouragement during the past two days' nightmare, but finally, after meeting '[info]'squido just now, and fiddling over the deviant laptop for more tha...Read more

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cleaning windows... help!!!

I need computer experts and help urgently!!!

My computer was working perfectly fine today until I got a "Windows Updates Installation" message and I clicked "Install"...

Which was okay, until I had to restart the laptop...

And then I got the much-dreaded Blue Screen of Death, and the following message right after starting up:

**Stop: c0000221 {Bad Image Checksum}

The image msvcrt.dll is possibly corrupt. The header checksum does not match the computed checksum.**

Read more
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