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Let me shoot your latest, before another togs gets it..

So last night I finally finished the Gold Coast photo shoot, it took me awhile in between other clients.  Actually it didn't take me long for this post production, I kept most of the models' skin natural, only wiped away the cuts and bruises.. (these Queensland boys, they rough it up on the rugby field)  Anyhow I also made the shots look slightly 1960s, afterall the theme is 'stranded' like an all men ship wreck.

For this shoot, I had to get my legs wet, jeans rolled up by my assistant.  I swear to God, having sand in between your toes is not the best feeling, but I stucked it out.. since if the models are almost next to nothing.. But then again Queenslanders practically eat, sleep and die on the beach, so it's like first / second nature to them..

Again it's the Dolce & Gabbana approach.. BUT with bit of action and male bonding.

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Voguing for the black community in Oz.

On Tuesday I spent the whole day vouging.. more like posing.. but not in front of the camera.. I had to shoot an ad campaign for Mardi Gras 2010 and the theme is 'FIERCE'  for the Aboriginal / Indigenous community.

It was the queerest shoot I have ever done so far in my career.. When i got the call on Sunday from the producer.. I thought to myself.. " Do i have to do this shoot..? "  I just have a lot of bad experiences with the gay and lesbian community in regards to photo shoot, they are either too pathetic or JUST pathetic.  But i am so glad I did this shoot, it was so much fun.  (not only b/c of the pay cheque  )  Most of the models on the shoot are not ' models ' as such.. but they are volunteers who wants to be featured for campaign to promote their own community.. Good on them.  

Having said that.. they are really professional and take directions really well.. I spent 10 hours helping them pose, vogue it and get the ' Fierce ' message across.. and of course shooting with me.. people usually have fun.  Being silly and out of character is all part of it anything to make the models feel comfortable..

The shoot is about Identity and presentation of the race. The idea is inspired by the documentary.. Paris is Burning ' about the Black community in America 1960s, it dealt with racism & sexuality and other issues, but using the dance as a movement.. that probably still exists in our society now.. (that's for both America and Australia).   Also the shoot is influenced by Jante (??) whom I believe is a choreographer for current performers such as Beyonce and Janet..etc. Also of course Madonna Vogue who is influenced by Paris is Burning.. and ANTM(odel).  I spent 48 hours researching everything for this shoot..

We shot in Sun Studio, one of the biggest photographic studio in Sydney.  Actually the studio had a 3.5m Cyclorama.. I didn't have to compensate on space, i had lots of it... I'm impressed and the makeup / hair studio is like huge...   We were jam packed with costumes, drag, amazing makeup and hair, wigs, the works.. 

Here are some of the shots..

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time goes by.. so slowly..

i'm slowly turning off for 2009.. by that means.. I am turning down many requests for photo shoots with models in the next two months, so that I can take a breather..

my only two photo shoots that I have said yes to is with two separate MUA.. one will be just Beauty shots for his salong.. the other is a preliminary shoot for a project we are developing in 2010.  That one is a bit full on and i have yet to sit down to write the script and production notes..

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wedding.. hmmm ai.. sigh..

So i've been telling everyone in the past 10 odd years that there is no way in hell i'm going to shoot weddings.. Then 12 years on, after knocking back countless weddings, I have decided to shoot it. Another tog approached me as a joint venture, but I only said yes to the condition that i am the director and the decision maker of the business.

So now I got myself into the mess of starting this new business all over again.., separated from my other commercial photography, the next few months will be time spent on the business development and i want to do whack a niche with it..  i would hate to do this for a lifetime.. but i give myself 5 to 6 years then i'm done..

I contacted my MUA and stylist to do a mock wedding shoot for me.. so that's in the works. omg its a bit exciting i guess..

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