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The art of photography first inspired Ed through the pages of a fashion magazine. He began chronicling his own slant on life, capturing images through patience and observation, and stealing in an instant a snapshot for perpetuity.

Complementing his natural sensitivity to light is Ed’s ability to intuit the emotional landscapes of his subjects, thereby capturing spirit along with form. This applies not only to his animate subjects, but to the inanimate as well. Under the right light and at the proper angle, he is able to relay the fervor of a room crowded with a fanatic’s memorabilia or the solace offered within an ancient temple glowing in the afternoon sun.

Ed’s photo subjects range from awe-inspiring architectural structures and statuesque demi-goddesses of the runway to delicate wings of butterflies and fragile expressions of children. Where Ed’s passion flairs the most is rooted in that very first fashion magazine that caught his eye. In fashion photography, whether set in the studio or on location, Ed is able to find perfect images amidst the choreography and the chaos. He captures the best angles from the seven elements available to him: composition, lighting, set, subject, style, make-up, and hair. Ed has worked with luxury goods and fashion houses throughout Asia to create images that best fit the brand.

Born and raised in Calgary, Canada, Ed has been based in Hong Kong for the past six years and has traveled around the world. Ed’s travel images recount his adventures and take you on a journey as well, trekking through valleys and streams in South-East Asia, or interviewing a goat lounging beside a Pakistani highway.

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Edmon Leong


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