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trip 25/5/07 3/06/07

 I go for trip to beijing ,guangzhou and final stop to hk last week. First i went to beijing it was a quite tirin trip in beijing cause u know beijing is big..all da thing there are big ...the building are tall and huge..i have been walking and walking for da 4 days trip ....forbidden city...summer palace ...da great wall ...underground city is all walking ...

The food are ok ...i like peking duck da most..Then i proceed to guangzhou ...is a free easy trio in guangzhou cause my relative is there ....nothing special just shop at the peking road and having dinner with relative


Finally i arrive hk ......i find cousin sis and grandparent....erm i  bought thing in hk  and club every single night ....that really happening in hk club no like da malaysia 1... I bought  let's fight and 24herbs tee and caps in 8five2 shop in causebay ...although i din get to go to that concert but at least i can buy their merchandise ....i also visit disneyland ..erm nothing special ...the best part is only da nightlife haha ....

Afterall i am quite satisfied for this trip....

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