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If only... my eyes can talk...

Graduated a BFA in New Zealand majoring Fashion Design.

Moved back to Hong Kong and worked as an assist. Fashion Designer for nearly 2 years. Now working as a studio portrait photographer in an UK based photographic studio in Hong Kong.

I took pictures as my day to day activities, it all started in year 2005 when I received a Lomo Coloursplash camera as a Christmas present. By self-experiencing and trial, now taking photograph became one of my daily activities.

so... welcome to my page and let the picture do the talking :)

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Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin
Location Hong Kong
Gender female
English Name Dusk*
Member Since May 3, 2008
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Snap by my client...

Yesterday when I was @ work my front of house told me that she got an e-mail from the manager that one of my client snap me during the photo session, it was kind of a surprise cos I never thought I will b the one who would be snap during work... (I got a few workmates who have been snap @ work already and I laugh @ them and this time its my turn... argh...)

well.... I am happy that they r positive abt the photo session (phew...) they also upload the photo which they have bought...

well... I am glad that they had a good time :)

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Travis Live in HK

Just came back home from Travis Live

It was great :)

I never think that I will have a chance 2 see Fran Healy this close~

It was a good experience

just that the sound system is not as good, otherwise the over all is awsome~

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Blog: Thursday, Jul 31

我沒法想像,看過的童話故事, 有陣時成長不過是個悲劇的開始。

我做過的事,沒太多是有意義, 接近誰誰都不會快樂這些我都知。



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Dusk* Dawn

Fashion / Costume Designer , Photographer


If only... my eyes can talk... ...Read more

Member Since May 3, 2008
Profile Views 92,240
Location Hong Kong
English Name Dusk*