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Christmas Shopping

Have u done ur christmas shopping yet?

I think I'm just about finished.. I brought almost everything ONLINE this year.. lol.. don't have time to go shopping.......

Now i'm only missing gifts for 2 teenage boys.. what do you get a 12 and 13 year old??? any ideas?? help me!!! (they are my nephew in laws)


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Peachey says:
I can say I've got almost all my xmas shopping done. Just gotta take care of one girl-child. For the teen boys, maybe ask another teen boy what he likes. They might be into music by now. If they have an ipod, get them an itunes gift card. Perhaps? I'm sure electronic games would be appreciated but you'd have to know which one.
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L C says:
gift cards!!! boys are hard to buy for...i never know what the latest craze is for boys... I'm getting my nephews movie passes!
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Teen boys always seem to like video games. I finished my shopping ages ago. I always shop throughout the year to avoid the X-mas rush.
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music note says:
I'm not done with mine yet. How about video games for the boys?
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y mn says:
boys like video games,comics,dvd/cd. but hard to choose their own gift:-p
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Andy lau spain 9a andy lau spain
wot? I didn't even get started!! comics, dvd, books...great for teenagers!! oh wait..that's my actual xmas list....
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Jane Fong says:
hmm... I'm glad I don't have to do xmas shopping... hahaa... =X
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hmmm. i'm not done mine yet. good for you for being able to do all of it online!
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