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It's COLD.. i'm freezing my azz off!!..  arghghhhh burrrrrr........

Today's my dad's birthday.. he said he doesn't want to celebrate..i asked my mom if she wants us to go over for dinner, she said NO.. too ma fan.. LOL......... so i guess.... they want some time to themselves?? hehee..

So I left my hubby to buy games for his nephew.. no headache for me. i'm done shopping!!!.. now I just gotta wait for them to be at my doorsteps.. haha........

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glad you finally finished the shopping. happy birthday to your dad! hope they had sweet time : )
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Are you sure your daddy doesn't want to do anything for his bday? Cos older people sometimes say they don't wanna but in their mind, they do. At least get him a cake...?
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doesn't it feel great to be done with shopping? hahaa... =D Happy Birthday to your Dad!!! =)
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happy birthday to your day now go and put on a wooly cardy ^_~
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Bundle up. I broke out long underwear and wool socks today. Happy Birthday to your Dad!
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cold? follow my 5 facets :P or 4 depending on if jessica gomes does it for ya
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how cold is it??? happy bday to daddy dreamy!
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