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How's it going y'all. I've been severely under the radar as of late as I am currently battling an illness, so apologies if I haven't been able to reply to your invites, comments and emails. I'm still in Hong Kong and should be fighting fit by June.

Much Love...

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Birthday Thanks You's...

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for all of you who wrote in special birthday wishes; a pleasant surprise. To be honest, I was rather shocked to find any there as I figured many of you would be kinda pissed that I hadn't written an entry in so long (apologies for that - I'll explain and get to that in just a bit). But thank you all the same to all of you who have written regularly without reply.

So, yes, it was my birthday on Saturday and it was a blast. Last year, I'd spent my birthday in a relatively chilled out fashion. It was a nice change from the debaucerous birthdays before. However, this year, I wanted to something big. I knew for a few moths leading upto this year's birthday that I wanted to hit Macau (Hong Kong's neighbouring city formerly a Portugese colony) hard and fast, not least because my birthday this year fell on a Saturday but because Macau is now, in my opinion, China's future playground!

The celebrations started on Friday night with a very nice dinner at a restaurant at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental called Amber. The food was amazing and the champagne was even better - Dom Perignon being my preferred champagne, and not just coz of the name - honest! After that, I headed in Lan Kwai Fong to one of my regular hangouts where I was greeted by over a dozen of my close friends. It was awesome. We all caught up, hung out and, sufficed to say, drank far more than anyone could fathom - with champagne being the bevy of choice of course. Cake, the arrival of more friends and a few more drinks later, and we hit Volar - a popular club in LKF.

After a rollercoaster ride of a night on the town, it was time to head home and prepare to do it all over again on a 'grander' scale the next day.

A boys night in Macau will often spell trouble when most people think about it but then I believe it was the idea. I wanted to live the weekend in true rockstar fashion. So, I booked a suite at the Venetian Casino hotel where we all bunked - but really, used it as a base to dump our stuff whilst we revelled in the things that Macau could offer. So there we were, 10 dudes, including myself, after dusting more champagne in the room and making ridiculous speeches, we headed for dinner at, what i now know to be one of my favourite restaurants. It's a traditional Brazilian restaurant and the food was second to none. Pure bliss, pure luxury and pure glutony! Yet again a couple more bottles of champagne and a ridiculously, oversized birthday cake and we were ready to hit the clubs and casinos.

I don't want to divulge too much into what happened that night - just believe me when I tell you that it was one of the most crazy, outrageous nights I've ever spent with friends. I didn't win big at the casinos but I didn't get home till about 9am, so really, I didn't care too much. All I wanted was a soft surface to lie down on!

I always remember that people tell me to live life as though it were my last, and that weekend, that's exactly what all of us did. The time was not important, money did not matter and shame, well, ceased to exist. And you know what, I loved every minute of it! My advice to all of you out there is to do the same. Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans. Don't waste it!!!

Now you know what happened on my birthday. If you want more details, perhaps I'll divulge if the demand for it is high enough. But i just wanted to say thank you to all of you foryour birthday wishes, and know that I appreciate them very much. You guys ROCK!

Now, I'm off to bribe my friend who had the camera all weekend and hopefully convince him not to post up any of the picture on youtube!

Rock n Roll!!!!!

Dom x


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Personal Thank You's

As a token to show I promise to spend more time writing to you guys, I just wanted to give personal thanks to the following who wrote in over the weekend...

LITA from Indonesia:

You're right; you can never be too far to wish someone a happy birthday. And you know what, you can also never be too far to say thank you. So thank you! I know it ain't the first time you've written in and I thank you for being so patient for a response too. As per your question as to whether or not I will vist Jakarta. All I can say is that I am working on trying to come out there soon. I may even be bringing Alvey and marion along with me too! It's too early to tell yet but if and when I do, I will let you know ASAP. And when I do, you MUST identify yourself to me so I can say hi to you in person! Thanks again.

PUM from Thailand:

Thank you for the kind word in your birthday message. Becasue I was in Macau for my birthday and working during the week, I was unable to catch the Olympic touch bearers come through. I did manage to catch it on the telly though so I didn't miss it. The weather in Thailand sounds fabulous - it's cloudy and humid here in Hong Kong - something we HKers are used to most of the year round. And you are very observant; yes, I have lost weight over the last 3-4 months. I simply haven't had the time to hit the gym or even eat properly because the workload is piling up rapidly. I need to start hitting the gym before the peak of the summer!!!

DENNIS from the Philiphines:

Thanks, buddy, for the birthday wishes. You are quite the poet. Maybe you should try turning tyour words into lyrics and make a knarly song out of it - and become rich and famous and when you make it big - give me some of the royalties! Tell you what, you wanted to know how old I am... if you become a rockstar and cut me in on the wealth, I'll reveal my age! Thanks again Dennis. Keep it real and rockin'!

JEAN from Hong Kong

Hey there fellow Taurean! It'll be your birthday very soon, so how are you going to soend it? It'll be on a Sunday, so will you be going out somewhere with your friends on Saturday so that you can break it in come midnight? However you choose to spend it, I hope you have an awesome time and that you get loads of prezzies! Thank you for your birthday message Jean. Maybe I'll see you around town seeing as we live in the same city!

KURALAY from Kazakhstan:

Great to hear that you dig our channel bro. We do try! It wasn't until recently that someone told me that Channel [V] is braodcast there. I had absolutely no idea - but I love that you do! I've never been to Kazakhstan but am intrigued by all of the Central Asian countries. I would like to visit Kazakhstan one day but perhaps you'd better give me some pointers on where I can go and what I can see first! Kuralay, I will do my absolute best to say hello to you when I'm next on [V], but I can't make any guarentees. I'll see if I can slip in a "hello" somewhere on this Friday's episode of PPRZ, how's that? You'd better watch! For now though.... HELLO KURALAY!!

Dom x


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Long Entry Soon...

Thanks to all of you who have left messages on this blog. I'm sorry I haven't responded or posted an entry in ages but truth be told, it's all down to being busy again.

I promise to reveal all when i write my next entry - which will be very soon - and fill you in on what's been up. I'll also try to answer many of your questions you've asked.

Till then, keep it loud, keep it real, keep it rockin'.

Dom x

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Happy Valentine's Day

Here's wishing you (to those who celebrate it) a Happy Valentine's Day.



remember, Love is just a four letter word.


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Cold, Rats and Incubus!

Greetings from the warm comfort of my bed!

I'm in Hong Kong right now and as you may have read or seen on the news, Hong Kong is freezing! Most of southern China is going through it's worst snowstorm in 50 years and it's definitely affecting Hong Kong. Yesterday was only 7 degrees - which is colder than London!!! Anyway, I'm tucked up in bed, watching the latest season of 24, nursing a cold that I've had for a little over a week now. IT SUCKS! Can't go out, can't hit the gym, can't wipe my nose without chaffing it to shreds! If any of you have any good remedies for a swift recovery then I'm all ears!

Because of my flu and inability to do anything constructive for the last week or so, I've not been very busy. Work has slowed down (for now), but I will be extremely busy over the next couple of months. I'm currently in discussions with people to work on a new project in Singapore which will mean living there for about a month. To be honest, I'm more excited about living in the warmth and beating this insanely cold weather than the job itself!! But one thing is for certain, I'm looking forward to checking out Singapore's nightlife. I've not been partying in Singapore since I was 18!! Any pointers?

I'm also going to be working a lot more with Channel [V] and hopefully bringing you guys some awesome programs and content. I probably shouldn't spill the beans but, just to give you a taste, I can promise you a kick-ass interview with one of the tightest bands around. I've been wanting to interview them ever since I joined Channel [V] and my pleading and nagging has finally paid off... Ladies and gentlemen, I shall bring you a sweet interview with the cool dudes from INCUBUS!!!!! You'll have heard that they're coming to Asia on their Light Grenades tour and I for one cannot wait! I've seen them before in LA and I can tell you - they will not disappoint when they perform. I've seen loads of bands live and Incubus are exceptionally good. Okay, okay, I'll stop drooling and stop talking about Incubus!

Obviously, aside from them, there are loads of stellar artists and bands who will be passing through Asia and hopefully these will just be the tip of the iceberg. Here's hoping that the year of the Rat will bring more music and more killer bands our way.

Until then, all I got to say now is...

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Xin Nian Kwai Le! Gong Xi Fat Cai! Whichever you prefer, here's wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous year of the Rat. For all you Roosters out there, this is meant to be a great year for us!!!

Dom x

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