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Clement Wong

Smile and turn away...

It's 12:30am. I got home from work. Feeling miserable, I decided to search what there was in the fridge. I noticed that there was Vita drinks so I decided to take one. I got my laptop, brought it to the kitchen and turned it on. As i logged onto my account and everything, I thought to myself If I should check my Facebook. Being the average, awesome unique Asian that I am...I pondered to myself...HARD..........................................................I LOGGED ON. I was in for a surprise. I broke up not too long ago with my ex-girlfriend. Everyone said that she treated me pretty badly for a girlfriend...but not to me. She was special. She was unique. She was my cup of tea. I scrolled down the news feed and I was about to suffer a epic heart attack on epic proportions. It turns out that she's already in another relationship with some other guy. To be honest with you....I was suffering from a mass attack of emotions i've never felt before. It was like a emotional orgy. ggI was sad. ANGRY AS FUCK. jealous like mad. shocked like japan. and even tearing. I didn't know what to do. It was as if i entered a spiral or a blackhole that drained out my world. For a few hours...i was in total abyss...limbo to be exact.I did what every true man would do...RAN THE FUCK OUT OF THE KITCHEN UP TO MY ROOM AND CRIED LIKE A other words. I took it like a man. Eventually she messaged me and we talked it over it. IT was quite motivational i must admit...even reassuring. Nothing in this world will be forever. but just know that something deep within will always keep you going. No matter how many bad experiences you have faced....there will always be a spark of light that will take you or lead you back the right way. Live your life, is what she said. Be happy. Find someone that will treat you better than i did. Happiness isn't found in only one person but in a group of people. people that are around you. Life isn't governed by who live it but how you deal with the people around you that effect it. In the long run. I got over it. Question now is ... well..what now?

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