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Business Depreciation

Since we are now nearing our annual day of reckoning (aka Income Tax Filing Day), it only seems appropriate that I take on a tax issue on which I often receive questions. Today, we will be discussing Business Depreciation, which is a tax mechanism that offers various ways for a business to apply the cost of capital assets against the earnings of that business.This edition of "Personal Finance for Real People" sponsored by:Read more

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First-Time Credit

People often ask me, "Randall, I don't know how to get started with credit. I know it causes problems for most people, but in this society, you have to have credit to exist. No one will issue me any kind of credit card. How do I get started?"Many people also ask me about how to re-establish credit, after they have already mucked it up before.First of all, I caution everyone to be careful with credit. This is one of those, "Do as I say, and not as I do" kind of propositions, because I have had credit issues in my life...Read more

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About Me

Hello and Welcome:My name is Randall Parker. If you just happened to find my blog by accident, you may wish to know a little bit about me. Well, here goes:I was born at an early age and raised in Southern California. My parents were kind enough to enroll me in preschool when I was two, and they sprung for a parochial education for me through the eighth grade. Thanks to their efforts, I received a great education. By my own choosing, I attended public high school.In high school, I was a lousy student my Freshman year, but I turned things around prett...Read more

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Hello World and Reader:I have finally relented to pressure from family, friends, colleagues, and others, and I am making my vast body of knowledge available to the rest of the world.First, allow me to welcome you to "Personal Finance for Real People." This blog will attempt to provide useful financial planning tips that almost anyone can employ immediately, in order to improve their financial future.Some of the topics planned for discussion include:Income Generation (Ways to increase income, reduce taxes, and supplement income) *Debt M...Read more

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Finally Going Home! Yehey!

Hey Everybody!

I'm finally going to be out of here.  I will leave California to go back home to the Philippines on November 11.  I will arrive there the early morning of November 13.  If you've been wanting to get together with me while I am still in the LA area, please get on my calendar soon.  I have a lot to accomplish, but I can still make room in my schedule to hang out.

For those of you who don't know, I have been here since July 23 to rehab a house that I bought two years ago.  I hope to sell or ...Read more

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My blog has been launched

OK, first blog entry.

I am new to this site, and I thank Julia Ling for personally inviting me to join.  I hope that I can get to know everyone here and create some lasting relations...Read more

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