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Special: Bailout Update

Early edition this week. I just received information on where some of the early bailout money went, and how it is allocated. I seem to recall hearing that the monies were to beinvestedin such a way that taxpayers would be repaid as quickly as possible by those to whom help was given. I didn't believe it then, and given the new information that I have found, I certainly don't believe it now.Here is a partial listing from the original $350 billion in allocations:$250 Billion for purchases of Senior Preferred Shares under...Read more

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Stimulus Package: WillI It Fix the Economy?

I am saddened by the fact that the people we choose to lead our country are trying to fix the economy when none of them has any clue about basic economic principles.

If you want to fix the economy, here is how you do it:1) Let the banks fail. We already have the FDIC and Federal Reserve to bail them out and protect depositors.

2) Let non-competitive companies fail. The automakers have not been competitive for years, because the unions have ruined their cost structures with inflated salaries and u...Read more

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Your Way Out - Personal Economic Recovery

Judging from the record number of comments that I received from all of you this week, I realized two things:

1) I have a lot more readers than I suspected.

2) You are an impatient bunch!

OK, perhaps it was cruel to make you wait, but the last post was so long that I wanted to ensure that it got enough time to be read, and I didn't want to put so much into one post, that no one would read it all the way through.The Four "I"s

This topic has nothing to do with wearing glas...Read more

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Happy New Year - Time to Catch-Up

Please allow me to begin by apologizing for the severe lack of posts over the past six months. Between a major move, having my first child, taking on two new administrative positions, several consulting projects, the college football season, my mother's moving and health issues, and more; things have been quite busy for me lately.

I have also taken responsibility as co-owner for two CBS Sports Official Fanatics sites as indicated below:

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Obama Won, Now What Do We Do?

My friends,Our poor educational system has finally caught-up with us. We have managed to elect, as president, a man with no leadership or administrative experience, no experience running any kind of a company or payroll responsibility of any kind, questionable social and religious ties, and flawed ideas with regard to foreign policy and the economy. This is a real shame that we have let our country slide this far.Here is what we can now expect:*Surrender in Iraq and Afghanistan *Nuclear proliferation in the Middle East *Increase...Read more

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Quoted in Bloomberg Article

Hey Friends:

I have been quoted in an article written by Seth Lubove, Los Angeles Bureau Chief for Bloomberg. You may view the article at the following link:


While I was mentioned only briefly, much of the information in the article came from me. Attribution was light, in order to protect me from any liability. Enjoy the...Read more

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Health Insurance

Health insurance is a topic often debated by two of the presidential candidates, with these two individuals each touting some form of Universal Health Care. This means that the government would provide health care to everyone, whether you feel like you need government "help" or not.This is an inherently bad idea. Sure, it sounds good, but it just won't work here. Many other countries around the world have tried to provide universal care. Canada has created a dismal system that patients, doctors, and nurses all hate. It doesn...Read more

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Who Controls Gas Prices?

Gas prices are all over the news right now, and I'm sure that the amount of your budget dedicated to fuel has increased dramatically over the past year, or you have made significant changes to the way you use fuel. Without taking a political stand in this blog, I would like to shed some light on the fuel price situation, because a lot of unsubstantiated information and claims are coming across the media, and you deserve to know the truth!The gas price that you pay includes all of the following expenses:*Crude Oil (72%) *Marketing...Read more

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Mortgage Modifications

After last week's post, many of you have sent emails asking about Mortgage Modifications, which I promised to discuss this week. Sorry for making you wait, but I was out-of-town most of this week. (Actually, I traveled back to California, arriving on Monday, El Cinco de Mayo). I then spent some time in Bakersfield and Fresno, and just got back to the LA area yesterday.A Mortgage Modification is a renegotiation of the terms of your existing mortgage. This is another tool that we use to help people to avoid foreclosure. For the most ...Read more

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What is a Short Sale?

We will be discussing Short Sales this week. A number of other planners' clients have come to me recently wanting to know about these, so I thought it would be a good idea to touch upon short sales in this week's post. We are talking about Short Sales with respect to real estate, and not the White Sales that you might see at Sear's, Target, or Wal-Mart. Of course, if you find a good deal on Havana's or Dolphin shorts, go for it. Speedo's, not so much!The reason a short sale helps you is that your lender does not ...Read more

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