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Wow, where do I begin? How do I keep this under 10,000 characters?

I am sure you want to know all of my deepest, darkest secrets here, so I guess I may as well admit my scariest secret, here and now. Are you ready for it? ....... Are you sure?........ OK, I am white. There, I said it, no more discussion on that one.

Gee, I still have a lot of characters available. What else would you like to know? Oh, yeah. This is a monologue. Hmmm....

As far as entertaining, I was a top professional mobile and club DJ in Southern California for many years, and I also worked for a number of radio stations, and had two syndicated shows back in the day.

I also danced on American Bandstand and MV3 while in high school. I appeared in an episode of "Jologs" on GMA (Jologs' Guide to English episode) in the Philippines in 2006. I would like to find more acting (maybe even modeling?) roles, so if you have anything coming up, please let me know.

Well, I am very intelligent, with an IQ over 140. I am well-educated. I have an MBA (Masters in Business Administration - General Management) from the University of Southern California (USC - Fight On, Trojans!). I also have two, yes two (2), BSBA (Bachelor of Science, Business Administration) degrees from California State University, Bakersfield. Both degrees are Magna cum Laude (That's Latin for "With High Honors").

The first degree is a BS in Finance with a minor in Economics, and the second is a BS in Sport Management, with a minor in Statistics. I always knew I could earn these degrees, because people always used to tell me I was full of BS anyway (joke lang). By the way, I was the Top Sport Management graduate, and a four-year Honors Student.

Now that I have intimidated you with my intelligence and education (I sure hope not), you must know that I actually work for a living. I own a financial planning and business consulting firm in California (USA), which I am now moving to the Philippines. Basically, that just means I make a lot of money for a living. All I ask is that you neither hold that against me, nor express interest in me just because of that.

Since October 2005, I have made eleven trips to the Philippines (as of August 2007), and I will be making more. I have businesses there, and I am in the process of establishing a consulting practice and looking for other investments (real estate, resto/bars, etc.). I now consider my residency to be in the Philippines, but I am in the process of clearing up business dealings in California now. My next trip to the Philippines (Nov. 11, 2007) will be a one-way ticket.

My plan is to give myself five years in the Philippines, in which to establish profitable business operations. If things go well, I may give it another five years. After that, I will choose where I plan to spend my retirement years (I will retire early, and no, I am not that old!).

I am trying to learn basic Tagalog. I think I am around the four-year-old level so far (lol). Actually, I am probably giving myself too much credit here. Perhaps, you can help me with this.

I could say a lot more, but at this point, you are probably tired of reading this, so if you want to know more, just drop me a line here.

If you need a job in Manila or Pampanga, you can also send me a resume, as I consult several companies there, in addition to the companies I own and operate.

Ask me anything you like, except my age. Remember? Age doesn't matter. I am younger than my IQ. :-)

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Thanks for visiting my profile. Please do not be shy. Send me a message or blog reply. I have linked my blog here. You can subscribe to it directly at http:

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