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Big Red

I think it would be cool if AnD had a section where you can add video.  Anyways, this is an animation project I did last semester. I'm just posting it now for kicks.Who is Big Red?I'm thinking of sending this off to a few festivals, after a few tweaks here in there. I'm trying to find a composer to maybe replace the music I have right now, since I can't seem to contact the artist. Any takers? You can use the music I have now as a temp track, or if you have something completely ne...Read more

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Improvisational Illustration

I love doing improvised illustrations, where I just take a pen and start drawing regardless of the composition. I hated this drawing at first, but I pushed through anyways and now i like it.People always seem to ask artists or writers, "How did you even think of that?" Sometimes....perhaps the secret to it is that they just don't think at all!aaaaaaand......DUDE WHEN DID I BECOM...Read more

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do you think theres too much contrast? i have a tendency to go crazy with that option

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“FLOWER ST.”I first came up with this idea at the end of June. In this piece, I challenged myself to start with an emotion and attempt to convey it through illustration. The illustration shows a girl kissing a boy, literally expressing the sense of elation that the boy feels. The flowers materialize from the girl’s dress, lifting the boy on the bike into the air.I took about a month to do this drawing, on and ...Read more

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Blog: Monday, Jul 26

my friend jon is starting a t-shirt company, and he asked me to do some designs. I’m super busy right now, but I cranked something out anyways. Lol I’ve always found playing with extraordinarily wild hair a great fallback when I’m not feeling particularly creative or just want to mess around. I’m not particularly proud of it, except for the sharpie use, but we’ll see what he thinks….Read more

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Blog: Wednesday, Dec 23

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK7XHVGanws final project for film graphics animation

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old man sexy time!

I drew some pictures of old men when I was sick from food poisoning in Shanghai. I actually really like them, even though a lot of people find them very strange. I wanted to post them here, since this is an "art journal" after all. I haven't posted here for a long time, but I want to get started again. Hopefully, people will remember me? Read more

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Blog: Sunday, Jul 19

Recently added some new work to my new deviantart account. I'm starting to wonder maybe I shouldn't have made a new account....I kind of just did that on impulse....the username doesn't eve...Read more

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wow I haven't been here for a long time! I'm so bad at blogging, but it's no fun to blog when none of my irl friends are on :(I've been applying for summer jobs/internships recently. I've been learning how to speak Chinese too, and I might go to shanghai for a program this summer. I bought a longboard recently and have been riding it to class! I'll take a picture of it and post it here sometime soon! It's my new obsession, hehehe.

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Blog: Wednesday, Dec 17

haven't written here for a while I don't really  have any irl friends on alivenotdead, so there's nothing really motivating me to continue this blog. I might switch back to livejournal ahaha...though I still like this add picture thing at the bottom...today the reality of the economic recession hit me, though I haven't done anything about it yet because I'm still somewhat in a bubble of comfort under the wing of my parents.It took me all day to draw this: Read more

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