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Thank you @wifiegg for keeping us connected in Vancouver, even when we r in biking in the woods!!

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Love the whole Izzue X Wrangler collection!! Congrats n much thx guys!! @izzuehk @ithk #izzuewrangler #ithk

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Thank you so much 604...almost forgot how beautiful u are...until next time...

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今年中秋沒有月餅吃,唯有吃Bagel... 祝大家中秋節快樂!

p.s...this is the best bagel I've had for a long long time

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A plate full of memories...still one of the best Hainan chicken rice ever...

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Love the jacket, perfect for the weather!! Much thx guys!! @lok666 @moireen @madness_online

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Desperately needed holiday starts now...take care everyone!! We out!!

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Destination Shanghai...

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