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R.I.P John Hughes ( Filmmaker)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOkNIUw0c2s     A couple days ago Director/Writer John Hughes passed away of a Heart Attack at the age of 59.  He was one of the greatest filmmakers of any Generation and made a lot of classics.  During the 80's you couldn't go anywhere without catching one of his films.  He Wrote and Directed classics like Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, and Ferris Beullers Day Off.  He also wrote National...Read more

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G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra

     As you can tell from the title this is an Origin Film.  Cobra hasn't been established yet so a few of the characters don't look like they did in the cartoon but they will be established by the end of the movie.  G.I. Joe had some great action and special effects. The Scenes with Snake Eyes ( Ray Park) and Storm Shadow ( Byung-hun Lee )were the best parts of the film.  For Girl...Read more

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On The Edge Starring D.Y. Sao

     So Peep This Out!  AnD's! Own D.Y. Sao has a film being released on Dvd on July 4th.  The Same day his Official Site is supposed to be launched too.  If your not already a Fan of his here on AnD! then go check out his official profile and become one athttp://w...Read more

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     This past weekend was the release of Star Trek.  It made about $75 Million its opening weekend.  I went and saw the Midnight showing when it was released.  I've actually already seen it twice, and yes it is that good.  It was directed by JJ Abrams the creator of Alias and Lost, and the director of Mission Impossible III.  You don't have ...Read more

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RIP Andy Hallett (Lorne From Angel)

     Earlier this week Andy Hallett died from Heart Failure at the Age of 33!  Andy was best known from his role as Lorne on the TV show Angel.  He had a great voice and was a Fan Favorite.  I never had the chance to meet him but Clare Kramer (Glory from Buffy)  asked me once if I ever had the chance to meet him and that he ...Read more

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My Laminated List

I'm not into Married Chicks, So I disqualified them from my List!


32 Yrs Old  and Can Probably Kick My Ass :-D

-Made the Jump to Hollywood in The Transporter                               



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Twilight Dvd Party

     Twilight was a book written by Stephanie Meyers who graduated from BYU here in Provo, UT where I currently live.  Its the first in a series of books about a girl who falls in Love with a Vampire.  The Books have become a Cutural Phenomenon here in the States.

      A Feature Film was made starring Kristin Stewart who starred in the Horror film The Messengers.  The Film has also become a Phenomenon.  Normally Dvd's are released on Tuesdays but to take advantage of all the Teen Fans they released it at 12:01 Saturday Mornin...Read more

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Ten of My Favorite Films

     I watch more movies than most People.  There are many types of film, some are Artistic, some are Masterfully done, and some are downright entertaining.  Here are 10 of my favorite films (As you can see none of them are Artistically Done just Entertaining).

1) Die Hard

2) Hard Boiled

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     Yesterday I moved to a new place.  It took me all day to move.  Its only 3 miles from where I was living.  I went from an Apartment to a House.  I now have 3 roomates who all seem pretty cool.  I also have access to a HD Big Screen TV with a HD Satalite.  Theres nothing better than Hi-Def! 

     Early on in my move however we were moving one of my DVD cabinets when the door swung open and tore a big chunk of flesh from my finger.  It looked pretty nasty but I Manned Up, Wrapped it in a towel and continued moving stuff.  It was about 45 min...Read more

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     In 2004 ABC premiered a new show called Lost.  The Pilot was created under the tuteledge of J.J. Abrams.  Abrams had been known for the shows Felicity and Alias.  The Main creative forces behind Lost are Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse. This new show was loved by critics and fans.  Its about a bunch of people who crashed landed on an island trying to get off.   

    Lost is as much about the relationship between characte...Read more

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