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One of my favorite Photo-ops!

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My First Student Film

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Las Vegas Star Trek Convention 2010


 Every Year there's a Star Trek Convetion in Las Vegas.  Yesterday I was in Vegas to attend this Exciting Event.  Even though I never got into Voyager or Enterprise I loved both the Original and Star Trek The Next Generation.  I also watched Star Trek Deep Space Nine.  I got my photo's taken with Jonathan Frakes...Read more

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R.I.P Dennis Hopper



Today Dennis Hopper passed away of a long battle with Prostate Cancer at 74!  He's best know for his roles in Easy Rider, Hoosiers and Speed!  He was never the Leading Man bu...Read more

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Just The Same Old Stuff

I hope that everyone is doing good!  I haven't blogged or done any lists lately!  I haven't found anything interesting enough to motivate me to do do!  Hopefully I'll update on here before too long. I'll take any suggestions on what I should post blog wise on here if you have any.  Here's to a great Summer for All!

Here are some things that I am looking forward to this year!

Movie Wise: The A-Team looks pretty good!  The Expendbles looks pretty good too!  I'm looking foward to the 80's throw...Read more

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R.I.P Corey Haim

    These Past few years Hollywood has been plagued by Young Actors Dying of Overdoses, both Prescription Drugs and Street Drugs.  First we had Heath Ledger and Brad Renfro, a few months ago it was Brittney Murphy and earlier today it was Corey Haim.  Those of us who grew up in the 80's remember the Two Coreys ( Haim and Feldman).  They we...Read more

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Top 10 Movies 2009

10) Men Who Stare At Goats

This film had an odd premise, All-Star Cast, and was pretty funny to boot!

9) Zombieland

T...Read more

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My Holidays

     This year I had to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day alone because I had to work Christmas Eve and the Day After Christmas because most of my family lives in Idaho over four hours from where I live.  Here most places are closed Christmas Day but fortunately the movie theaters are open so I spent Christmas Day watching a Double Feature.  I saw Sherlock Holmes and Up In The Air with George Clooney!  My brother went to his wifes families home in North Carolina for the Holidays.  He did however fly home the day after Christmas so I did get t...Read more

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My Sparrow Review

    Sparrow is a film from Legendary Director Johnnie To that was released on Dvd here in the states late last December.  Its a departure from most of To's films but one that still holds up to his standards.  It was beautifully shot and Stars To Regular The Great Simon Yam.  Yam plays the leader of his small group of "Sparrows" ...Read more

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Entertainment Weekly's 50 Actors We'd watch Anything In

     I'm one of those people who loves to make lists.  I don't know exactly why but I think that it helps me to not only think but to exercise my memory as well.  This is one reason that I enjoy Entertainment Weekly's website, they do a lot of lists.  The most recent one that I saw was their 50 Actors That We'd Watch In Anything.  This list included some of the obvious big Movie Stars that one would think of like Johnny Depp, George Clooney, and Christian Bale. They even covered ...Read more

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