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September Dance Class Videos

Wow! It's been a while since I updated this profile. I'm sure some of my friends and fans would like to know what's been up these past couple months. Well, aside from staying busy with my day job, I've opened a few dance classes with a new dance studio in Hong Kong. You can get to their info by hittin this link. The classes I teach include Popping on Tuesdays, Krumping on Wednesdays, and Newstyle Hip Hop/RnB on Saturdays.

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Wha's up AND?

Hey all, What's up? This here Dason aka 1 Hymn all the way from the 518 doin it big up in the 852 reppin that True N REAL Trill Motiv Entertainment. You know how we do! So Hong Kong, get ready for a NEW generation of talent that's gon clean up the music industry. We like a tornado, we'll come through and rip through EVERYTHING that stands in between us and the TOP! So if you know what's good for u, Holla at ya boy :)

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